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Welcome to My Latinitas

Thanks for joining the Latinitas community by and for Latina teens 13 & up. In our community, you can read blogs from teen reporters, add your own blog posts, ask for advice, ask questions by creating a discussion and voice your opinion by commenting or blogging about whatever you want. Comment, upload a photo, discuss, add a video, create a group or invite your friends to join. Get started now!

Click on the about us and our community rules tabs to learn more about who we are. We are a GIRLS-ONLY COMMUNITY (sorry, no boys allowed here). Remember, to always be net safe. Want advice?  Ask our resident advice columnists in our discussion forums.

Gracias por formar parte de la comunidad Latinitas. Aquí tu puedes leer blogs de editoras Latinitas y de reporteras jóvenes; crea una discusión preguntando por algún consejo y da tu opinión comentando sobre lo que tú quieras. Comenta, sube una foto, un video, crea un grupo o invita a tus amigas a que participen. ¡Empieza ahora mismo!



Tips for Future College Students

Started by Alicia in Advice. Last reply by Klarissa Perez Apr 7, 2015. 4 Replies

Scholarships - Any Tips?

Started by Latinitas Intern in Advice. Last reply by Latinitas Intern Apr 14, 2016. 12 Replies

Dieting And its Negative Effects

Started by Wendy Gonzalez in Hot Topic. Last reply by ivanova Apr 29, 2014. 5 Replies

Blog Posts

Why are our Latinitas proud to be Latinas?

Posted by Veronica Martinez on March 10, 2017 at 10:00am 0 Comments

"Yo estoy orgullosa de ser Latina porque conozco a muchas niñas y aprendemos de cada una como son. Yo estoy orgullosa de ser Latina."


"Yo estoy orgullosa de ser Latina porque los Latinos somos el impulso de los Estados Unidos. Estoy orgullosa de ser Latina porque he rompido los estereotipos que tienen para los Latinos. Estoy orgullosa de ser Latina porque tomo buenas decisiones y soy perseverante en lo que trato de…


Blog-a-thon: Why am I Proud to be a Latina?

Posted by Taylor Figueroa on March 10, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

  In El Paso, I never credit the rich diversity of Mexican culture. Everyday, I hear the Spanish language and festive music, smell the greasy tacos and rice, and see the decorative murals, bright in color, adorned with scenes of fruit and gardens. It's easy to get bored of it all, when that is all that you see. I tend to take it for granted.

  However, I once spent a whole summer in Arizona, with a group of girls around my age. There were about two other latinas, but the rest were…


About Me

Posted by Alma Elizabeth Saenz on February 28, 2017 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Writing "about me" paragraphs has never been my strong point. There isn't a lot I can write here that hasn't been stated on my page, I think I'd do better if I had some questions I could answer. But here it goes... My name is Alma Elizabeth Saenz Prieto, I didn't know I was supposed to write both of my last names on papers until the lady who gave me my double citizenship told me that if I didn't do so I would have to go back and correct all of my documents. I was born in Chihuahua, Ch. and…


Butterfly Collage

Posted by Stephanie Puente on March 2, 2017 at 10:50am 0 Comments

The girls made butterfly collages to represent who they are by filling in the butterfly wings with magazine cutouts. The girls wrote their names on the body of the butterfly. The girls are now club members of Las Latinitas and we are all…


Day One What Our Latinitas are doing to Succeed.

Posted by Veronica Martinez on March 6, 2017 at 9:00am 0 Comments

Tell us what you're doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed! Whether you're a first generation college student setting a standard for siblings or volunteering in your community. Show us what you contribute.

Yo Heidi quisiera reenforzar el poder de la mujer latina. Yo planeo estudiar medicina. Quisiera quitar varios de los estereotipos que hay ahora sobre las mujeres y los latinps en general en los Estados Unidos y el mundo.




March 6: What are you doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed?

Posted by Stephanie Puente on March 6, 2017 at 12:01pm 0 Comments

I help the future because every year I go to to the beach in California and help clean it up. This is what I love to do and I think it is important for us to help out our environment. 


I am helping future generations of Latinitas succeed by being the first generation college student. Both of my parents did not go to college and I am the oldest, so I plan to go to college to be the class of 2025. Also, I would probably be on of the first to graduate…


Why I'm Proud to be Latina

Posted by Iliana Romero on March 6, 2017 at 3:44pm 0 Comments

By Yoselyn Majano

Brooke Elementary

Here are  8 reasons I am proud of being Latina.

1 I can teach someone Spanish.

2 The food is delicious.

3 There are a lot of ice cream stores and open spaces in Latin America

4. Enchiladas come from Central America , South America and Mexico.

5. There are a lot of fun places to hang with your family in Mexico.

6. You can meet new people in Latin Communities in America.

7. There are no…


Why I'm proud to be a latina

Posted by Iliana Romero on March 6, 2017 at 3:45pm 1 Comment

By Jesslynn C.

Brooke Elementary

I am proud to be a Latina because my Latina teachers teach me new things. They are nice and the best teachers. I think people should be a Latina because probaly it can change your life like you can probaly be a music player even though you do not even play. You can go see a free movie sponsored by Latinitas. We're watching Hidden Figures on Friday March 24 at the Google Fiber center. Or you can even have a party. That is why you should be proud… Continue

Blog-a-thon Day 1

Posted by Veronica Martinez on March 6, 2017 at 9:30pm 0 Comments

Tell us what you're doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed! Whether you're a first generation college student setting a standard for siblings or volunteering in your community. Show us what you contribute.

I joined Latinitas because I think Latinxs and women in general are not fairly represented in the media. This reason is that there are not that many women and Latinas in the newsroom or as producers. I want to be inside the newsrooms I want to tell stories…


Day 1: What our Latinitas are doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed!

Posted by itzel barraza on March 6, 2017 at 9:46pm 0 Comments

Here's what some of our young Latinitas had to share for the first day of the blog-a-thon to celebrate Women's History Month.

"Yo ayudo a las niñas con sus multiplicaciones. Hasta cuando les dicen cosas, yo las protejo y les ayudo con la tarea."…


Latest Activity

April C. Davila posted a blog post

i am NOT my hoops, my hoops are NOT me

 I never thought a piece of jewelry would come to define me, but it hasAnd they do.I love hoops and I can honestly say that hooking hoops on my ears is the one source of confidence I’ve managed to gain as I come to realize that without them, my outfit, my SELF feels as though it is lacking. It lacks a culture representation that Latina's hold. I've come to realize that without them on my outfit is plain. Nothing feels as good as feeling ready to take on the world, where walking with your back…See More
Jul 22
Ana Paulina Ruiz is now a member of Latinitas
Jun 25
April C. Davila posted a blog post

Can I re-connect

I've been away for what seems so long.The last post makes me so sad to read. I was so frazzled, even reading the post reminded me that I was trying to keep things calm, but boy was I shaking. My bf, whom I cared deeply was troubled that I was heading back home. Mind you, I understand that his mother was dying, I KNEW she was. There were too many nights were she was intoxicated with prescriptions and couldn't keep her head up straight, literally. She was a mess.I loved that woman. Told me to…See More
Jun 24
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Mar 6
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Sep 22, 2017
April C. Davila posted a blog post

Leaving States is Like Leaving an Old Life Behind

So I moved back to my homestate. It was a bitter sweet move, as when I left CA, I left behind what I thought was my forever life.I left an SO who was madly in love with me, left his mother who was a prescription pill popper, a younger brother who dropped out of school, an older sister who happened to be addicted to meth.It's been an intense last year as I have been using the time to take care of myself. I'm off anti depressants, found lifting as a way to cope and have found friends. I survived…See More
Sep 19, 2017
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Sep 19, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017
Taylor Figueroa posted a blog post

The Best Farms

I would like to highlight two special places- Vital Farms and Organic Pastures. These farms commercially sell eggs and dairy products, but both are Certified Humane, and offer the best care to their animals that I have seen in these industries.Vital Farms, which produces eggs, is made up of several family-owned farms, all of which have been inspected and deemed humane, through the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFCA) guidelines. The hens are pasture-raised, meaning that they each have 108 sq ft of…See More
Aug 8, 2017
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Jul 17, 2017
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Jul 14, 2017
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Jul 13, 2017
Kayla Segovia posted a blog post

Day 4: Dell Field Trip

Today we had a field trip and went to Dell. It was great! First we went to a room where two software designers talked about what they do and stuff. Then we tried VR; you would be in a cage underwater and then let out, at the end a shark would eat you. For me it wasn’t even scary. After that we had lunch (which was really good) and got a free copy of the book The House on Mango Street. I got a light up Dell ball that I earned when I answered a trivia question correctly. later some Zumba ladies…See More
Jul 13, 2017
Kayla Segovia and Camila Sandoval are now friends
Jul 13, 2017
Kayla Segovia posted videos
Jul 13, 2017
Emily Alpuche posted a video

The Red Barn

Sorry guys but this is the thing from yesterday!
Jul 13, 2017




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