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Valentines Day is around the corner, which means love is in the air!
What is your favorite romantic or love themed film?
Why is it your favorite?

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It's more of a romantic comedy but I <3 The Diary of Bridget Jones. It makes me laugh and I <3 Mr. Darcy!! He's a super sweet odd human rights lawyer. And Bridget is so ditzy and make a lot of mistakes but she's herself. It makes me laugh all the time, my college roommate and I would watch it constantly. Then I found out the Renee Zellweger who plays Bridget Jones actually graduated from the same college I did!

Sonia: I've only seen about five minutes of that movie. I MUST change that, it sounds super cute! I love how UT is connected with so many talented stars.

My favorite "love themed film" is "Love Me If You Dare" because it's not your typical romance film. The dialogue is witty and the cinematography is stunning. Plus, it has Marion Cotillard and she is one of my favorite actresses.

I LOVED "Love me if you dare". And I just randomly found it online and really enjoyed it . She's also one of my favorites, she's a very good actress. Those Europeans sure know who to make good romantic movies. lol. I have the movie if you wanna borrow it. :)

Yes, I would appreciate it! If you want to see "Love Me If You Dare" again I'd gladly lend it to you. Have you seen "Amelie"? It' sort of similar to "Love Me if you Dare", but it's just as good.

I <3 Amelie, and it would be great if you could. Since I'm going to Paris, I want to have a French movie marathon and those movies are on my list. :) I'll bring Bridget Jones tomorrow.

Oh dear.... I have a secret love for all cheesy, romantic movies but I have to admit that I love watching BBC's version of Persuasion with Sally Hawkins. I <3 that movie!! I'm a sucker for anything that comes from Jane Austen's books but that has to be my favorite story. "Amelie" is FANTASTIC!!! I have to admit I've never watched "Love Me If You Dare"  or "The Diary of Bridget Jones".... I'm horrible I know :(

I've never watched Persuasion but I'll have to check it out. I loved BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and also I just recently watched Sense and Sensibility with Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet. It's funny because both Firth and Grant are in Bridget Jones. Amelie is a classic, definitely!!

Ah, the movie that SOMEONE keeps forgetting, my heart is broken, Sonia, jk! Colin Firth is such an amazing actor. I loved him in "A Single Man". Ethel you need to see it, I must lend it to you once Sonia is done. My goal in life is to have everyone see that film, well... not primary goal, but a sub-goal to my major goals. :D

I LOVE BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice...all 5 hours of it! Colin Firth is definitely the best Mr, Darcy out there I melt a little inside whenever I watch him perform in that movie. Definitely check out Persuasion it really is a fantastic movie but it is a rather heartbreaking story it definitely resonated with me. I've heard great things about A Single Man so I'll definitely watch it this weekend once I'm done with my exam.... the exam I should be studying for now :O

Colin Firth is one of my favorite actors, A Single Man is very good and so is The King's Speech if you haven't already watched it. Good luck with your exam!

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