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  1. Can you tell me more about Latinitas and the Latinitas Magazine?
  2. What is the Youth Editorial Advisory Board?
  3. Do I have to live in El Paso, TX or Austin, TX to be eligible to apply?
  4. Who should apply?
  5. What is the application process?
  6. Where can I apply?
  7. What are the application requirements?
  8. What are the job requirements and commitments?
  9. This sounds like an interesting position, is there more that I can do?
  10.  Help! What if I have questions?


#1 Q: Can you tell me more about Latinitas and the Latinitas Magazine?
Latinitas is dedicated to being a strong voice for young Latinas, telling the stories of our community and serving as a forum for self-expression.  Our popular is the first digital magazine by and for Latina youth. This national award-winning online magazine is currently recruiting female teens to serve as magazine writers and editors to focus on topics related to being a Latina teen today with a Latina power theme.

#2 Q: What is the Youth Editorial Advisory Board?
A:The Latinitas Youth Editorial Advisory Board is a group of young writers ages 13-25 who assist with writing articles for our magazine, focus on expanding an area of the magazine with their expertise. Applicants also participate in our online social networking community ( by blogging and using several of the interactive features on the site. The world needs more LATINA blogueras!

#3 Q: Do I have to live in El Paso, TX or Austin, TX to be eligible to apply?
A: No, you do not have to reside in any Texas location.  Everything is done online. Are you a Latina living abroad? Not a problem! This program is not restricted by boundaries and we encourage diversity. Chicas unite!

#4 Q: Who should I apply?
 Young Latinas who are self-motivated to develop their writing and multimedia skills, while blogging and testing out their journalist skills are invited to apply. This is a perfect opportunity for applicants who dream of a career in media and journalism and want to make a difference while getting published.  Applicants do not need to have writing, editing, or blogging experience, but they are required to have basic/general knowledge of grammar and syntax.

#5 Q: What is the application process?
A: Our journalists and blogueras in training for this program are selected through an online process. Fill out the online application, just remember: We look for quality over quantity and syntax (ability to formulate sentences properly), so let your natural talent and charisma shine. 

#6 Q: Where can I apply?
A: If you are interested in applying, please fill out the online application:

#7 Q: What are the application requirements?
A: The following are application requirements:
● Be between the ages of 13- 25
● Fill out an online application by the deadline.
● Have an interest in developing writing and multimedia skills
● Want to get published
● Be motivated and want to make a difference
● Basic/general knowledge of grammar and syntax is required.
● Have access to internet and e-mail.
● Most importantly: Want to have fun while building your skills and resume!

#8 Q: What are the job requirements and commitments?
●Make a four month commitment: September 1st – December 31st, for the Fall term and February 1st – May 31st for the Spring term.
●Commit to a minimum of  2- 4 hours per month to blog, write your article, and participate at
●Submit one- two editorial articles. (One for high-school student and two for college students/post-grad).
●Submit one blog post per month on
●Submit a progress report once a month (template will be provided).
●Participate in surveys for the program, magazine, and MyLatinitas community.
●Actively participate in our online community by posting comments, responding to forum questions, etc.
●Participate in monthly YEAB conference chats.
● Be committed, meet deadlines, and interact with other YEAB members. This is an editorial familia and YOUR voice is always heard.

#9 Q: This sounds like an interesting position, is there more that I can do?
 YES! We LOVE enthusiastic writers, which means more submissions are always welcome. Interested in being more involved? We highly encourage these optional activities:

● Be a YEAB Leader
● Assist with editing the work of peers.
● Create multi-media projects for, such as videos, podcasts, photo essays, slideshows, etc. – creativity is limitless!
● Conduct interviews and gather quotes for feature stories.
● Write columns and share advice with other Latinitas.
● Participate in writing contests hosted by Latinitas.
● Provide feedback on story ideas, your input is valuable!

#10 Q: HELP! What if I have questions about the application or being a Youth Member?
A:Send us an e-mail to, we will gladly help you out!




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