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Valentine's Day Salazar and TLC

Write about your best friend:


Mi mejor amiga se llama Mia. La conocí desde que estabamos en el septimo grado. Es mi mejor amiga porque me gusta su personalidad. Ella es inteligente y me ayuda cuando la necesito. Ella tambien es mi mejor amiga porque es muy amigable y comparto con ella los mejores momentos que he tenido en la escuela.


Mi mejor amiga es muy *prada* me hace reir mucho. Siempre nos traemos…


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Hey Guys! Long Time No Blog!

Hey guys long time no blog! If any of you Latinitas Austin peoples are here, comment and like this post. In the comments I want you to tell me...

If you have HOMEWORK on the weekends!

I'm lucky enough to NOT have…


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Valentine's Day Lessons

For Valentines week, the girls at the Latinitas Clubs learned…


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She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertherless, she persisted.

This Wednesday Senator Elizabeth Warren read a letter written by Coretta Scott King to oppose Jeff Session's appointment as  Attorney General. In this 1986 letter King accused Sessions of discriminating against black voters in his role as a federal prosecutor. 

As she read, Warren was interrupted by Senator Mitch McConnell who order her to sit and remain…


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Salazar Introduction




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A Wall of Wildlife

  I thought and thought about the tragedy of the Wall. Walls don't have a good connotation due to historical events- the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China (watch Mulan, the Huns were not happy. In real life: the Xiongnu.), the wall of Jericho... I think walls just remind people of what they cannot do, and creates tension and hate.

  I understand that it is unfair for immigrants to pass freely, but I understand that refugees need to escape to safety, and are often too desperate or…


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  Another thing that has been driving me bananas this past two weeks is my ecocolumn project in environmental science. I have to construct a sustainable habitat in a bottle, basically, consisting of a terrestrial, aquatic, and decomposition layer. The thing is, we are not allowed to interfere with the aquatic chamber (besides to take tests) for 5 weeks! Biogeochemical cycles must take care of everything. I worry sick about how my poor betta fish, Chili Trung, and nerite snail, Gizmo, as well…


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A Letter from a Feminist that didn't attend the Women's March.


I'm sorry for not standing with you. Sorry for getting too comfortable. Sorry for thinking that I had more important issues to attend to. Sorry for separating myself from the political. 

This week in particular I found myself feeling down. A lot of changes in my life with new responsibilities. I find myself with water on my neck and this is why I thought I couldn't attend the march, but this is the most important reason for me to go.

I would have found support and…


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My 2016

2016 has been a great and terrible year for me. From finally graduating college with a journalism degree to going through a heartbreak. So many things happened. To make things concise, I'll list out the events in two categories. 

Bad things 

  • The relationship with the boy who I thought I was going to marry ended 
  • I couldnt find a job for months 
  • I had to move back in with my parents 
  • I was back in the town I dreaded coming back to 
  • I was…

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King Corn and Food Inc. Review

  Both “King Corn” and “Food Inc.” are relatively outdated movies- 2007 and 2008 respectively. Things have changed since then, but for the most part, agribusiness and food production have stayed the same. It may be, however, that these documentaries brought awareness of corruption in the food industry, and some of these changes owe it to the documentaries.

  Two changes that I have seen in the past eight years are the lowering of high fructose…


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This is a good activity to try when you're feeling self-conscious. I did it for a scholarship competition, but it can easily be done whenever you want. What you do is write your name, and come up with traits that you have and like about yourself. You don't have to explain them like I did, so long as you know why you like the chosen traits. Here is my example:

Tomboy- a girl that doesn't fall into gender…


Added by Taylor Figueroa on December 23, 2016 at 11:18am — No Comments


This past Saturday, our Latinitas team was present at the United as One event at Bowie High School.

We had tons of fun interacting with kids and playing STEM games.

The event was geared towards children…


Added by itzel barraza on December 5, 2016 at 2:30pm — No Comments

STEM Chica: Science is for Girls!!

A few weeks back we had the STEM Chica Workshop where we had a college panel of UTEP student majoring in computer science, engineering, and biology. I got to be one of the students in the panel. We were asked to share out experiences about classes, organizations, finals week, and college like over all. One of the questions we were asked was "what advice would you given to an upcoming college student?" I had the opportunity to answer this question, My advice to any upcoming college…


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The Importance of... Game

   I want to start writing about the importance of things; mainly the importance of specific species of animals. Plants and natural resources are great too, but other topics can be considered. There are too many choices if I just take some off the top of my head, so I am asking for any suggestions. If you find yourself questioning, “why are sting rays important?” for example, you can leave that comment on my blog or page, and hopefully I’ll be able to answer it. This could…


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The 2016 Election

  Lately, people have been afraid of the 2016 Election’s results. I admit that it has been annoying to hear so many people complain, and I feel bad for complaining further.

  The best thing to do would have to be, rather than complain, accept and respect the upcoming President, and influence him. We can let him see things our way. However, complaining just annoys people, and wouldn’t be effective in helping him see alternative points of view. A…


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What are you Thankful for?

With thanksgiving coming up, the girls in the after school clubs were taught the importance of being thankful and appreciating the things and the people that make an impact in their life. The girls created a "thankful tree" where they used paper bags to create the…


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Nuestras Latinitas dieron mensajes positivos durante la Feria de la Familia de Telemundo!!…


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Lets Be Thankful For What We Have


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Girl Power


In last week's after school clubs, we covered girl power. We did a…


Added by Stephanie Puente on November 15, 2016 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Girl Power Week!

Hey Guys!!

Last week the girls learned about Girl Power within the Latina community. The girls were taught that they can do anything they set their minds to. The girls were asked to write a letter to their future self and date the letter to be open exactly one year from the day they wrote it. The girls were encouraged to decorate their envelopes to make them more personal. In this same lesson the girls were asked to make a superhero logo of their own and stand in a superhero pose.…


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