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Tips for college

The way I prepare for college for college is by studying very hard for all my classes , I have time management , like being organized. I decided to go to college because I want to be a teacher and in order to become a teacher I need to complete my bachelor's degree. The funnest part about college I would say that you get to meet new people that have the same career, you can also join club, organizations and you can have a work-study job which I for students or a part time job there at the…


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we are making a trailer about a girl named nevaeh she is in a wheelchair people make fun of her.But her friend Nama sees her in a different way…


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A girl named Nevaeh  has something different about her she is in a wheel chair and has a friend who she depends on  then her friend ,Nama, gets sick and the bullies get worse can she go on if Nama does not make it? by :soli

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Hello my name is Ember, I have dark brown hair and purple glasses. I like having fun but sometimes I feel lonely especially when people laugh at me. Why? you ask well I have one disability that disability is having a missing arm but that wont stop me from my dream being a MOVIE STAR!!! :D…


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my future to college

    when i grow up i want to be a fashion designer 

in oder to be a fashion designer i need a relavant degree

in oder to get that relavant degree i have to go to college .

<3<3<3<3 love desiree byeeeeeeeee…


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A girl named Nevaeh is getting bullied because she is different than everybody. Nama ,Nevaehs friend, stands  up to  the bully. Nama gets sick and the bullies get worse every time.

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Why I Wanna Go To college


            I wanna go to college because it can give you more opportunities to choose from, and because for certain  jobs you have to have a degree in doing what you want. I think that having a degree will get where you wanna be like you can have different choices. If you don't have  a degree you can't do your 1st choice.…


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my future is legit important

Hi my name is isabella and i care about my future.Why?because i won't have a good job and when the interviewer is going check my history and maybe they won't except me.I think of having a degree will get where you wanna be and thats super important.

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Shout out to all the college chicas out there!

This month and the next month is definitely crunch time. This is the time where a bunch of projects, papers, and exams are due and everyone at school is stressed out because of all their work on top of their out of school engagements. I can definitely feel the stress at this point but I am determined to get the grades I have been working for this entire semester. It is nice to once in a while take a breather from everything, which is what I realized today. Lately, I have been guilty of…


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College questions and answers!

How did you prepare for college?

In all honesty, I really didn't prepare much for college, aside from taking several AP courses in high school and applying to a few scholarships my senior year. I feel like I didn't have the proper guidance from counselors and wasn't told to take courses that could apply as…


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Mother's day : Why my mom is so special to me.

Since Mother's Day is coming up I want to say I am so grateful with God for giving me the best mom that I could have. My mom has always been there for me even in my worst moments where I have felt so sad and I just go up to her and cry .she is always there to hug me and comfort me and she always talks to me for a long time and always lets me know how much she loves me no matter what. I am really very thankful with God because he is so good to me he gave me my family that is the greatest gift…


Added by Vanessa Ramirez on April 9, 2015 at 3:24pm — 2 Comments

Self- Esteem Tips

                                                      Self – Esteem


You are very beautiful; you are not ugly like you say you are, you are a very good friend. I love you so much Perla. Thank you for being there for me.- Aracely Uzta

Self- esteem means to be happy for everything, excited when with friends, love yourself.

 Self-esteem means to be happy, be beautiful inside, it shows the real you.

Self – esteem is…


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Studying Tips

When it comes to studying , I like to always review my notes or the assignments I did in class it is a way that helps me remember what I learned on that specific day. Also another way I would say it is effective is to highlight important concepts or important vocabulary words. When studying for an exam it is also important to take very good notes when in class write as much as possible about the topic covered in class, and be organized with your notes, for example highlight important things…


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Viva La mujer

Viva La Mujer was a very fun event because there we so many activities to enjoy, there was singers, dancers, and we got to play loteria of famous women artists and there was prizes for the winners. Overall Viva La Mujer was an event to celebrate women and to have fun. I really enjoyed the event, we also got to sell food like flautas and tacos. There we different tables with activities for example in one there was art work where you could draw a self portrait of yourself. There were so many…


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Obsession With Celebrity Culture And Why It Is Unhealthy: The Kardashian-Jenner Clan

Nowadays it seems that you cannot scroll down your Facebook newsfeed with out seeing posts relating to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and similar "celebrities" and their lives. This poses a problem to me because people are being pushed (particularly women) to look and act according to the way their favorite celebrities would. Rather than pay any mind to what is going on in the world American media forces women to believe that these celebrities are someone they should aspire to be. Lately I…


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Society of Hispanic Engineers Austin Chapter Providing Local Scholarship

·         Be of Hispanic heritage

·         Have a minimum 2.5 GPA

·         Intend to pursue or currently be pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics

·         Be a high school senior attending an Austin-area high school (located in Travis, Hays, or Williamson…


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If I was the first Woman President

If I was the first Woman president I would give equal opportunities to both men and women both in the workplace and in education. Having equal rights for both men and women is very important to make this world a better place and live in peace. I would also make sure that everyone has medical insurance at low costs, so that they can visit the doctor and take care of themselves. Being a president I think is something very challenging because you have so many responsibilities and everyone is…


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Being a Feminist to me means treating women unequally, not believing that women can have the same opportunities as men. It is wrong to treat women without the same privileges as men because we also need equal opportunities when it comes to education and employment. Women are also capable of doing great things for this world and deserve equal rights. I do think that Feminism is still important today because there is still people who are feminist an don't treat women the way they should be…


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HWNT Scholarship

HWNT Scholarship is accepting applications the deadline is April 30  

  • Scholarships are in the amount of $500
  • Applications will be reviewed based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, community service and essays
  • To qualify you must be a female student graduating senior in high school of Hispanic/ Latina descent from the Greater El Paso region
  • Applicants must write 4 short essay questions on the following topics (200-500 words…

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Unkown Sisterhood

          Yesterday was a very special for me and my sisters and by sisters I mean sorority sisters. It was Kappa Delta Chi's Founder's Day and we celebrated our 28th anniversary! I was very touched by Latinitas because they did a section on Latina Greek Life! I am so honored to be a part of KDChi and I am so honored to be a pat of Latinitas but the fact that the two are connected in some ways makes me love them both even more! My favorite part of the article…


Added by Klarissa Perez on April 7, 2015 at 10:46am — No Comments

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