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ESL Students

A lot of bilingual students are ashamed when it comes to being an ESL student. Which it represents English as a Second Language here in America. Which it is perfectly okay, because one language you use it on your outside activities, such as at home, friends, your personal life, and however you want to use it. As a difference when you talk English when it comes to school and doing professional activities, such as working, talking to professors.

A lot of students are shy due to this,…


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Healthy Chica

A few days ago we had our Healthy Chica event, it was my first time attending to one and I can say it was a total success. I walked out learning so many  things, and being inspired by so many Latinas who provided information at the event. 

We started with Yoga, some of the positions looked relaxing, and in a way like if you would stretch your muscles. Which for my opinion that relaxes the bones in so many ways. I can say that the flexibility of the trainers and how important breathing…


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A good night of sleep

It's been a while since I've written anything in here but the thing is yesterday I had an anxiety meltdown, I don't know where are things in my life going, and I thought well maybe I'm not the only one going through this and so I decided to share it.

I’ve always been an over thinker, I knew what I wanted to do with my life since I was 12, with this I don’t mean that my plans are exactly the same from back then, I mean I like planning things, and when things don’t go as expected…


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More Latinas in movie theaters than in movies

“I get into this business and I'm like ‘Oh my God, you guys are totally racist, this is so absurd, this is so stupid!’ And I just couldn't believe it”-- said Academy and Emmy nominee Rosie Perez at Larry King Now interview.

Hello Latinitas! When we go to the movies, we don't always expect to see a Hispanic movie, not even Hispanic actors on the best-sellers of that week. Well, many Latinas out there are protesting big time about this issue that's been a reality in Hollywood movies…


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Strengthening ourselves with Janine!

Hi Latinas! On our previous event: Healthy Chica, we had a bunch of activities done to improve our physical and mental health. We had a lot of panelists and important health guests coming that did an amazing job on each of their areas. One of the activities which were done at El Paso First was Meditation and Tai Chi. We were amazed by the advices of Janine Gallinar, who introduced us to these oriental techniques.

During the session, we first sat on a comfortable way to get us ready… Continue

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Becoming healthy since yesterday!

I was amazed yesterday by Latinitas event: #HealthyChica!

It all started with a slice of yoga: what is it about, what advantages it makes to your body and the different positions and its benefits to whatever you are going through. It is amazing the way yoga teaches you how to love yourself and your body (by the way, I am really thinking about making it a habit starting now!). Then we heard a little about how to make a healthy plate all by yourself, we did an activity which I loved: it was… Continue

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Barbie Petite

I'm really happy to know that the company that makes the Barbie dolls were more open to the different body types and sizes of their dolls. I think that our society is having now a more open idea of the real role models that our future generations are going to be looking at. Since now teens and girls are interested at other things, Barbie was little by little left aside. Also, there are tons of different…


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Valentine's Day Tradition

When people talk about Valentine’s Day, one thing that comes to mind is spending time with your love one, but for one thing you can be too young to have someone you love. Giving out Valentine cards to your classmates is always sweet, it can be the simple princess ones that say how beautiful you are and for you to have a wonderful day, or it can also be just a simple heart shaped lollipop saying have a nice day. Some young girls like to give their best friends a cute stuffed animal, others…


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Barbie's New Faces

For years we have seen how the Barbie's evolution has changed every girls game, from the classical, tall, blonde hair, blue eyed model looking doll, to the fancy sports cars they have produced. So growing up with the mentality of having to look like that has been girls dreams for years. I know I imagined Barbie's life so perfect, a nice job, beautiful face, probably with the handsome tall beach looking guy. As I grew older, I came to realize like almost everyone that it was all part of my…


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Dinner By Myself

If you were to ask my family or friends how I am, they would probably say I am out going,and that I love being around people. Today I realized, that is some part true..

I was enjoying some delicious pancakes from IHOP, the cheesecake pancakes, they have like mini cheesecake bites inside with strawberries on top, they are my favorite,if you ladies haven't tried them, ITS A MUST!

I realized I was sitting on the right side of the restaurant, no one in-front of me, no one…


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Make Murica Great Again

For the last Republican presidential debate Fox and Google will be integrating three new components to help viewers stay informed. Among those is that candidates will be asked questions from three YouTubers; Nabela NoorMark Watson, and …


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Discovering meanings

Today I felt like my career has an special attachment to all humans' concern. This is something that doesn't happen to often when you have a career involving humanities. In philosophy, you usually talk about thinking processes, knowledge, values, meanings to a bunch of stuff, among others; but today, I was challenged to use all my intellectual abilities in answering a simple question.

I was asked: "What do we live for?" on a meeting I had with an assistant professor. Despite the fact of me… Continue

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Rock Climbing

This semester I decided to challenge myself and take a class of rock climbing at the UTEP recreational center. It is certainly something I have never done before and something I have always wanted to try. Today, on the first day of class I was a little nervous but at the same time excited. When I showed up to the climbing gym there were two girls already waiting for the class to start, so we waited together for the instructor to arrive. …


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Team Leaders Quotes

Stop rowing to your grave, row towards your shore.

-Ivanna Becerra

Be yourself! Don't ley anyone tell you who to be and act. 

-Emily Marin …


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Helping Low-Income, High-Achieving Students go to College

To those who are thinking about college I would like to let you know of a program I did as a junior/senior in high school that helped me get into the school I wanted to. There have been recent articles focusing on the need to encourage low-income students to apply to top colleges and universities. Coming from a low income background myself, I didn’t think it would be affordable to go to an ivy league school or a fancy private college because I simply didn’t have the money to…


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Welcoming a new culture

I am a girl born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico who has came to El Paso once in a while through her childhood and I am recently studying at UTEP. I am currently getting to know this new city and getting to know everyone around.

During my first semester at the university, I couldn't stop noticing so many differences between the cultures that are shaping me in different ways. I used to notice Mexican people are a little bit more friendly when it comes to physical contact at first sight, or that El… Continue

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Because there was zero actors of color nominated for an oscar, Actress Jada Pinkett Smith decided to boycott the Oscars and was joined by Director Spike Lee. 

She uploaded a video on Martin Luther King's birthday, to express her discontent. 

Adding to an already growing critique on twitter: #OscarsSoWhite.…


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My body, My Choice!

This past Friday was the 42nd anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the Supreme Court case decision that struck down the illegality of providing abortions by declaring it fell under a woman's right to privacy guaranteed under the 14th amendment. As part of the anniversary, a number or state and national organizations such as  Whole Woman's…


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Redefining Success

As I come close to picking a major for my undergraduate degree, I can't help but feel like I'm at a crossroads. I feel like this desicion will influence the decisions I have to make for the rest of my life like: what kind of work do I want to do? What is my passion? What do I care about? what do I want to do with my time on earth?

I know these get pretty existential real quickly but sometimes you can't help but think about the big questions in life.

All throughout high school I…


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A New Book

As I go into Barns and Nobles trying to find some books for my classes, my friend who was with me and I came across the "love" section. We started scanning through until she pulled out a book that is called I Suck At Relationships So You Don't Have To, she thought It seemed like an interesting book. The front of the cover had an older what looked like a Latina women, she kind of looked like Sofia Vergara, holding a big heart lollipop on her right hand, while her other hand was on…


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