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Advice By Chicas

  This blog has some advice that was given to some of the girls that participated on the summer camps. There are some issues which we all have gone through at some certain point of our life or we are currently going through the same situation right now. Hope some of these advice help other latinitas that are going through  the same situation. 


   " I have a friend that smokes and when ever I hangout with her she always wants me to smoke also. I really…


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Media Misrepresentation


     This past week rumors surfaced that actress Zendaya Coleman would be playing the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming film Spiderman: Homecoming. While many people came out in support of Zendaya, others were vocally upset that Zendaya, an African-America woman, would be playing Mary Jane, traditionally a white woman in the original…


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The Benefits of Single Sex Education

Same sex education is considered an archaic form of teaching in the present day. It involves taking the students at a mixed-gender school and putting the boys and the girls into separate classes for certain activities and subjects. At a lot of private schools, the practice is still in full swing, but it hasn’t gained much traction in public schools until very recently. So are there any real benefits to the segregation of boys and girls during the course of their education?

One of the…


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Summer Tech Chica top Favorites

 In our summer tech chica the girls were given the assignment of writing down there top  favorite things to do, watch, and play.

" My favorite show is El Chavo del ocho becaue it's funny. I wish everyone would see that TV show."- Crisbelle

" I like the Big Bang theory because it is funny and cool and I love it. I recommend it for others to watch"- Makayla

" My favorite show is the Big Bang theory because I like the science jokes and the way they…


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3 Powerful Motivation Tips For Ripped Abs

Can you see your self walking down the street at your favorite location looking and feeling great. Or as you stroll down the beach and you notice people glance over there shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs that belong to you. Feeling so confident in your self that your vacation seems perfect like a dream. You pinch yourself and realize that you have arrived.

Everyone in this green earth would love to have six pack abs and be fully healthy. Can everyone archive this goal?…


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Back to School Tips

For many students, these next couple of weeks will be the beginning of back to school season. While I may not be returning to school this semester because I just finished college, I wanted to provide some advice that I have gathered from attending school for a grand total of 17 years!

Here are 4 tips for back to school:…


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Hello, everyone!

Hola! My name is Jazmin and I am originally from Los Angeles. I will be volunteering and working with Latinitas on a variety of projects for the next year. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have for blog posts and workshops.

I recently graduated from college and I really enjoy talking about my experience. If you have any…


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Senior Year: Day 2

  Day 2 was actually better than the first. I was worried because I had two AP courses on that day, and all new teachers. However, the Psychology teacher is very organized in her lesson plans, and it seems as though she set up the class to make it easier on us. She doesn't do after school or Saturday tutoring, and has already given us our homework ahead of time. As for Statistics, it kind of seems like a lot of work and does do Saturdays, but the teacher said if I cannot make it I can go…


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Tech Camp -Web-Designers!

For one of the assignments for Tech Camp, our Latinitas got the chance to create their own websites on paper. They got to design them and explained to us what they are each about. Here they are:

What is the theme of your website? What is the…


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During our Tech Camp at the Boys and Girls Club, our Latinitas learned about hashtags and used the #PowerfulChicas tag to give out positive messages…


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This year during the summer Tech camp the girls had the opportunity to learn about social media and how to used Twitter. Here are their posts. 

"People like me now before people hated me."- Romely

"We are all drawing different drawings and coloring."- Emerald

"People should love, be nice. People who are nice is Amber, Nydia, Celecy and the rest."- Makayla

"Yesterday my mom in work she found a turthe and she bring it some."-Kennya

"Good morning!!! Hi…


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Senior Year

   I know it's an overrated topic, but I'm going to talk about my school life. Yesterday was my first day as a senior. This year, I am going to have some of the best classes I've ever had. AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, Art 1, and PE. Yesterday, I went to Environmental, PE, English 4, and US Government.

  According to the syllabus, AP Environmental seems manageable, and not too stressful. There are no study sessions after school or on the weekends, and the homework is…


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Letter to Myself

After learning about Photoshop and the effects it can have on our self-esteem, our Latinitas wrote letters to themselves expressing everything they like about them, most specially, appreciating their won flaws which makes them beautiful and unique.

"Dear Nevaeh,…


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Latinitas Healthy Snack

 Some of the latinitas that attended our camp shared some of there healthy snacks:

Greek yogurt with fruit

Ingredients: fruit ( any kind)



Instructions: cut the fruit into small pieces and apply it to the yogurt along with the granola…


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Tech Camp- Learning about Photoshop

During our summer Tech Camp where we partnered up with the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso, our Latinitas got a lesson on Photoshop and their effects on young girls.

They got to learn that before photographs come out on magazines, they go through the long process of being…


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Chicas empowerring Quotes

 During the tech camps the girls wrote quotes describing why they are powerful,smart, and inspiring chicas

" I am powerful because I can do a lot of things" - Hellen

" I am smart because I passed the fourth grade with a 79% average."- Makayla

" I am a leader because I am smart and strong and like to know peoples strengths and weaknesses."- Rosalie

" I am smart because I listen and I like to study."- Mitzzie

" I am…


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What latinitas think about women being in STEM careers

 During the STEM camps we address the type of careers that are out there that are mostly dominated by males and that women are not seen working in those fields that much. Our girls got a lesson on what STEM means which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The girls were then asked to write what they thought of women working in  these careers and to give an example of a women working in these careers.

" I think women would be best at mathematics. Women should…


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A spotlight on Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez is not only the youngest but also the only Latina that is a part of the United States gymnastics olympic team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She was born on June 9, 2000 in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is of Puerto Rican descent. After Laurie began taking recreational classes, she was spotted by Maggie Haney who has been her coach ever since. Quickly, both Laurie and her trainer proved that they had what it took to make it to the Olympics one day. In 2012, Laurie finished 21st…


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Starting a new school year!

Today the Socorro school district of El Paso has just started class and soon will the rest of the schools. Whether you are going into elementary school, middle school, high school, or college and above, it is important to start thinking about the goals you set for your school year. Summer is a great time to enjoy your friends, your family and the sun but during the school year is where you experience most of your internal growth that will pave the way to your future. Going to school usually…


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Last Days of Summer

Hey Guys! I'm Karol! I have another blog called The Latinitas Experience, check it out like and comment! Ask me any questions and I'll answer them. But hey this is my new blog called The Last Days of Summer. Today I got my STAAR results and I got commended on both of them!!!!! I'm so happy! I'll be going to the pool in a few minutes and then I'm going to The Melting Pot! Au Revoir! (Pronounced…


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