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Hispanic Heritage Month 2016: Prompt 1: Latina Feminist

  Whenever I think about feminism in the Latin culture, I imagine Sandra Cisneros. Sandra Cisneros is a contemporary, Mexican-American author of novels and short-stories. Most of her stories feature insight into Latin culture. For example, she will incorporate Spanish words into English text, in a way that people who aren't familiar with Spanish can infer what the Spanish words mean.

  The theme of Cisneros's writings is often how it feels to live everyday life as a Latina. In books…


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Hispanic Heritage Month 2016: Prompt 2: Growing up Latina

  I've always felt a little out of tune with my ethnic cultural background. For the most part, I was raised purely American, but there were little hints of Mexican culture. Just not to the extent of many of my classmates.

  What I mean is, I always go to school and wonder what people are saying. I probably know more French or Chinese than I do Spanish (I'm not fluent in those languages either though.). Yet, there are some Spanish words I've picked up on through the years. For example,…


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Texan Beauty

Texan Beauty

A view of the Chisos Mountains in big Bend National Park.

Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in your homeland.

When people think of wild animals, it's common to think of tigers, elephants, monkeys, and lions- rarely does anybody imagine the animals native to their state. Here in Texas, we might not have biodiverse tropical rainforests, but there is a level of beauty. Nature's beauty in Texas best…


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Scholarships for Latinas

As Senior year comes around so does the search of scholarships in order to go to college. There many scholarships out there to make it easier for us to go to college though there are some of which are specifically for Latina women. Some of these scholarships include:

  • Lubbock hispanic association of women
  • Sallie Mae first in my family scholarship program
  • Congressional hispanic Caucus,institute, inc
  • Adelante fund scholarship
  • McDonald's…

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Scholarship Search Websites

Have you gotten a chance to read our article about scholarship opportunities? If not, you can check it out here:

Scholarship Opportunities: It’s a Latina’s game

In sum, our article talks about ways to pay for college which at times can seem pretty…


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How latinitas inspired me

During our summer camps the girls wrote down ways continue to inspired them and help them lead the way: 

Paulina; " I got inspired by learning that in order to be a good leader i also have to think about myself and that only i can make my dreams happen"

Karla: " How to control my stress and some tips on stress situations" 

           " They helped me lead by showing me the meaning of leadership and how to show leadership to others"

Fernanda: "I was…


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Que Viva La Reina del Tex-Mex

On Tuesday, 300 fans gathered in front of Los Angeles’ Madame Tussaud for the unveiling of Selena Quintanilla’s wax figure. People from all over the country flew in to see the beloved Tejana artist. Not surprisingly, being that Selena was from Corpus Cristi, many of the guests in attendance were from Texas. Additionally, many of the fans in attendance spoke about how Selena’s wax figure also paid tribute to the incredible contributions Selena made to…


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“Her accent is a stubborn compass/ Always pointing her towards home”

Growing up, I was always nervous of speaking in class because I was afraid someone would make fun of my accent. I would avoid eye contact whenever a teacher would be looking for someone to read the next passage. Of course, this only led to the teacher calling on me to read. I never quite understood why teachers did this. I suppose it’s because they think it will help shy students speak more in class. Well, let me tell you,…


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Financial Aid and Scholarships for College

Hola chicas!

For many seniors in high school, the college application process has already started. And from experience, I know it can be a bit overwhelming.

Thus, I have decided to write a post today dedicated to the financial aid and scholarship application…


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Feeling Beautiful

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly, beauty comes from within.  There are various ways that women and young ladies like to assess their beauty.  I am here to tell you that the way you choose to express yourself makes you beautiful.  Beauty is unique, and there are many different ways to feel beautiful.  More than that, I am here to tell you to not let anyone shame your beauty for wearing a certain type of clothes, makeup, or no makeup.

Often times, girls are…


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Last night, the internet was buzzing with videos and images from MTV’s “Video Music Awards”. The evening was filled with incredible fashion and beautiful acceptance speeches. Also, I want to congratulate Rihanna on being the youngest recipient of the Michael Jackson Vanguard award! Her talent, success, and passion are incredible!  



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A spotlight on Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez is not only the youngest but also the only Latina that is a part of the United States gymnastics olympic team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She was born on June 9, 2000 in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is of Puerto Rican descent. After Laurie began taking recreational classes, she was spotted by Maggie Haney who has been her coach ever since. Quickly, both Laurie and her trainer proved that they had what it took to make it to the Olympics one day. In 2012, Laurie finished 21st…


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What latinitas think about women being in STEM careers

 During the STEM camps we address the type of careers that are out there that are mostly dominated by males and that women are not seen working in those fields that much. Our girls got a lesson on what STEM means which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The girls were then asked to write what they thought of women working in  these careers and to give an example of a women working in these careers.

" I think women would be best at mathematics. Women should…


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Letter to Myself

After learning about Photoshop and the effects it can have on our self-esteem, our Latinitas wrote letters to themselves expressing everything they like about them, most specially, appreciating their won flaws which makes them beautiful and unique.

"Dear Nevaeh,…


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During our Tech Camp at the Boys and Girls Club, our Latinitas learned about hashtags and used the #PowerfulChicas tag to give out positive messages…


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Chicas empowerring Quotes

 During the tech camps the girls wrote quotes describing why they are powerful,smart, and inspiring chicas

" I am powerful because I can do a lot of things" - Hellen

" I am smart because I passed the fourth grade with a 79% average."- Makayla

" I am a leader because I am smart and strong and like to know peoples strengths and weaknesses."- Rosalie

" I am smart because I listen and I like to study."- Mitzzie

" I am…


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Tech Camp -Web-Designers!

For one of the assignments for Tech Camp, our Latinitas got the chance to create their own websites on paper. They got to design them and explained to us what they are each about. Here they are:

What is the theme of your website? What is the…


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Senior Year: Day 2

  Day 2 was actually better than the first. I was worried because I had two AP courses on that day, and all new teachers. However, the Psychology teacher is very organized in her lesson plans, and it seems as though she set up the class to make it easier on us. She doesn't do after school or Saturday tutoring, and has already given us our homework ahead of time. As for Statistics, it kind of seems like a lot of work and does do Saturdays, but the teacher said if I cannot make it I can go…


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Starting a new school year!

Today the Socorro school district of El Paso has just started class and soon will the rest of the schools. Whether you are going into elementary school, middle school, high school, or college and above, it is important to start thinking about the goals you set for your school year. Summer is a great time to enjoy your friends, your family and the sun but during the school year is where you experience most of your internal growth that will pave the way to your future. Going to school usually…


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Sometimes it can be hard

   As a young adult, school, work and social life can get into a knot, but sometimes that isn't the problem. Although I have social media it is hard to express your feelings without people worrying about you. I enjoy this one because people can read it, worry about you but it's not a big rock that hits you in the face.…


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