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Guest Blog: Mexican American Studies Program Goes to Court


Guest Blog by Cemelli de Atzlan 

On Monday, January 12, 2015, the United States Court of Appeals 9th Circuit Court will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit regarding the elimination of Mexican American Studies in Arizona’s Tuscon Unified School District.  The plaintiffs, including Tuscon teachers and students state that the elimination of Mexican American Studies in public…


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Season of Giving

During this season of giving, Latinitas club members wrote about how they spread the spirit of giving and help their community.

I care about the environment! I help the community by collecting cans. I recycle it and earn lots of money. If I earn just enough money I give it to people in need. At my old school, I entered a program and I would pick up trash and make things out of it. One time, I…


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Take Care of Texas Art Contest


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Seeking Writers for Latinitas Magazine

Apply today: …


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On the Road

I've never been on a road trip in my life. It's always seemed a little scary to me, considering I can barely keep calm and still in a car ride of just two or three hours. 

But, this year, when approaching the holidays, I was invited to go on a small road trip, just 12 or so hours, to a different state to go skiing, yet another thing I've never done in my life.

And while I've never tried either of things and am, admittedly, a bit afraid of both, I'm excited more than anything…


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How I celebrate Christmas Holiday

This year for Christmas I am going out of town with my family to go visit my grandma , my aunts and uncles from my mom's side of the family in Chihuahua , Mexico The way we celebrate Christmas is in our very own unique way were we usually  get together at my grandma's house and we wait and make sure all our family is together. Once we are all together we gather and have a good time and  just talk and prepare the food for dinner, what we usually eat during Christmas is tamales, menudo and my…


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Tis' The Season... To Start Fresh

Hi all! 

Hope you are all enjoying this winter break! 

I recently came across this article and I thought I'd share it here since I haven't written anything in here in a long time! 

This article, entitled "10 Toxic people You Shouldn't Bring with You in the New Year", talks about how we get…


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Transfer International

I think the title sums it all up.

I was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico a border city right next to El Paso, Texas so it was easy to decide where to go to college, I just apply to UTEP and I've been there for a year a half but for a while now I've thinking on transferring and of course the idea sounds great, being in a bigger city, in a college I like better, living by myself or with friends but now that I've been accepted I'm thinking of how scary it actually is because I…


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Holiday Celebrations

Latinitas share how they celebrate the holiday season....

We celebrate Christmas with my family. We eat tamales and menudo at night. The first thing in the morning, we open the presents. I celebrate Christmas with my mom, my dad, my sister, my tias and my grandma. I will go to Juarez, Mexico this year. I celebrate this holiday on December 24 and 25. I think this holiday is special because you…


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Recovered, but Back to Square One





She wants to know what happened when that man entered

He carried a large belt in one hand as the other was red…


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Proud Latinas

We asked some Latinitas what they like most about being Latina and here is what they said:

What does your culture mean to you?

It means Pride in everything we do. Our culture means self expression, satisfaction, and hardwork. It means to honor our family with all our effort. –Leslie B.

It means the freedom to express myself in any way. – Claudia B.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Getting together for…


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My Future Career

Girls were asked to write about the career they picked and why they decided on that career:

-I picked forensic scientist as my career because I love science. I like the idea of being able to investigate and solve crimes using science. I think this career is very interesting and exciting. –Leslie B.

-I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to help people who are sick by helping them in the hospital and when they are in danger. -Arlene L.

-I want to…


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Women We Admire

Sonia Soto Mayor- A woman that I admire I Sonia Soto Mayor. She is the first Latina Supreme Court Justice. She I only the 3rd female Supreme Court Justice. She came from humble upbringing , but she set high goals for herself. She attended Yale and Princeton, she is proud of her heritage and coined the term " Wise Latina". - Alicia

Selena Gomez- I think Selena Gomez seems more like girl power because she is a very beautiful role model, and singer. Selena Gomez is very kind and…


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Time for Change (New Years Redolution)

Ever forget imortant events or things that you're supposed to remember? Well it always happens to me. I seem to think that my brain will remember every single thing. But the truth is it doesn't . Taking the time to actually write down events or tasks down in a planner seems to be too much work at times. But as technology moves forward it's also time to use my phone as a planner. It's time for a change, not to be that forgetful friend! I'll change to be more oraganized and complete tasks on… Continue

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Adult, teen, child, newborn-I want one, one day.

During our era when Angelina Jolie and Madonna make it seem so easy in adopting a child from Africa and certain parts of Asia, someone in America may feel that they should do the same.  From an ethics standpoint, a load of cash cannot determine a families formation if given to adoption personnel. On the one hand one must remember that it is here in the United States where the highest number of children in foster care, runaways and poverty stricken kids…


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Thanksgivivng Tradition

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family because they have been there for me and they motivate me to reach my goals. The way me and my family celebrate thanksgiving is that we get together and eat turkey, before we eat we first give thanks for something that we are thankful for. Also sometimes on previous years we have gone out of town to my aunt's house in Dallas and we spend time with her and my cousins. I think that it is important that this holiday we…


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Use in this order: Knife, Fork and 'Excuse me'

For many Americans, generously displaying table manners is probably the least of their worries. They have their education at the forefront of their waking lives, it is college after all. If they are hungry they come to the dining hall to eat be it from hunger, stress or even both. International students and some…


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Made with Code

great opportunity from …


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A Little Less Crazy

The other night, I was going through some old pictures I had saved to my computer, and found a quote from Orange is the New Black about love that I couldn't help but think about for a long time after.  I'm always telling everyone I care about how much I appreciate that they let me be my 'weird',…


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WERE TALKING ABOUT FASHION AND I WANT TO BUY SOME NEW NAIL POLISH                                                        




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