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Shout out to all the college chicas out there!

This month and the next month is definitely crunch time. This is the time where a bunch of projects, papers, and exams are due and everyone at school is stressed out because of all their work on top of their out of school engagements. I can definitely feel the stress at this point but I am determined to get the grades I have been working for this entire semester. It is nice to once in a while take a breather from everything, which is what I realized today. Lately, I have been guilty of…


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Self- Esteem Tips

                                                      Self – Esteem


You are very beautiful; you are not ugly like you say you are, you are a very good friend. I love you so much Perla. Thank you for being there for me.- Aracely Uzta

Self- esteem means to be happy for everything, excited when with friends, love yourself.

 Self-esteem means to be happy, be beautiful inside, it shows the real you.

Self – esteem is…


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Mother's day : Why my mom is so special to me.

Since Mother's Day is coming up I want to say I am so grateful with God for giving me the best mom that I could have. My mom has always been there for me even in my worst moments where I have felt so sad and I just go up to her and cry .she is always there to hug me and comfort me and she always talks to me for a long time and always lets me know how much she loves me no matter what. I am really very thankful with God because he is so good to me he gave me my family that is the greatest gift…


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College questions and answers!

How did you prepare for college?

In all honesty, I really didn't prepare much for college, aside from taking several AP courses in high school and applying to a few scholarships my senior year. I feel like I didn't have the proper guidance from counselors and wasn't told to take courses that could apply as…


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The Importance of Etiquette!

By etiquette I mean a certain social behavior according to the norms of the society. It is very important for every girl to know how to behave in different social environments. For example you are not going to behave the same way in a reunion with your friends than at a reunion with your parents friends. The society expect us to be well educated and talk to older people than us with respect. This is very important because it can open a lot of doors for us, if other people see that we are…


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HWNT Scholarship - Due April 30

2015 HWNT Scholarship

Application Deadline:  APRIL 30

Download the application here:…


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AAPD Scholarship

Copy of LogowithText (2).JPG

2015 NBCUniversal Tony Coelho Media Scholarship

The American Association of People with Disabilities is pleased to…


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NYU Summer Journalism


Registration is open for Summer Journalism @ NYU!

All materials for international student applications must be received by April…


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The NEW Leadership Texas Summer Institute


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Views on Feminism

My defininition: 

Feminism: the belief that all women deserve equal rights to men.

Google's definition:

  1. the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and…

Added by Gissel Gonzalez on March 26, 2015 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

The Importance of Being a Feminist

Being a feminism is the most important title that I could ever give myself. I seek to improve the lives of others via the use of equality. I actively believe that everyone, who is qualified, should get the chance to do what they want without feeling constricted by societal norms. 

Let’s start out by defining this term. Don’t…


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If I were the first female president...

What an intimidating question!

There are sooo many important ways to address this, but I will keep it brief and focus on issues that are particularly close to my heart. 

If I were first female president I would work hard to ensure that not only are women in the USA treated with respect and diginity but that our sisters in other countries are as well. 

Reality is, though discrimination and misogyny [a dislike of women] exist in this country we are also INCREDIBLY lucky.…


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If I Was President....

Just becoming the first woman president of the United States is a huge milestone in itself. It is a milestone for women but all of society as well. It’s no secret that women still aren’t treated equally in the US, and it’s time for something to change.

As the first woman president I would put focus on eliminating gender bias at the workplace. Women began working in professional settings decades ago. But age old prejudices still stand in our way. Women sometimes get paid less than men…


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Gissel: First Female President

Being the first female president just sounds so crazy! I've never considered myself as a person who could become a president -- I can be pretty shy at times -- but being the first female president would be such an honor! 

Of course, I automatically want to say that I'd solve all the problems as president, but that's so hard to do, even within four years. There are always new problems coming up, so fixing every problem is near impossible. So to dial it down a bit, I'll…


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A Whole New World (with a bit less control)

I’ve never been a fan of crowds. In fact, groups of people that look like they could swallow me whole are the scariest things (other than bees, maybe) that I’ve ever encountered. It’s not just the sheer amount of people, or how aggressive they can get after a long day of being outside, but the way that they’ve made me feel smaller than I’d ever want to be.

I like control. It’s a character trait, or flaw in a lot of the ways I see it. I like being able to organize and have listed how…


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Blog-A-Thon: If I Was the First Female President

First of all, being the first female president would be a huge accomplishment in and of it self. Being the first woman of color president would be an even bigger achievement. There are many issues that I am very passionate about, and many things that need to be addressed, but as President I would choose a few. I would focus on gender equality, poverty, immigration reform and climate change.

Gender equality, does not only focus on people who identify as female but also on males, and…


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What Feminism Means To Me

Feminism to me, is a belief system where you are an advocate for gender equality. Feminism in my life has been played out through me wanting to be seen as "worthy" as men are because I feel our society really devalues women and their voice. Being a feminist is wanting a better future, where your daughters and sons do not feel that they have to be forced into a role they are unhappy with just to meet society's expectations. Feminism to me is wanting to live in a world where you are seen as…


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This post is a bit late as everyone has been busy with SXSW [Austin, Texas arts festival] and the Women's History Blogathon but I want to take a moment to celebrate the success of Latinitas. 

Last week the Latinitas co-founders [Laura Donnelly and Alicia Rascon] flew to Miami to attend the award ceremony for their nomination for the Positive Impact Award of Hispanicize 2015. The candidates were many, and all doing important work to advance Hispanics in USA, but Latinitas took…


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Being a feminist today in 2015

Today, Feminism is seen as a thing of the past, and I haven't met many Latinas who Identify as a feminist, from my point of view it might be a culture conflict because In the old days, most of the time feminists were predominantly anglo, but its grown to more then that. Feminism isn't a woman's issue, its everyone's. We are all in the cause together, to make it equal for all. Feminism is important for the on coming generations because women need to keep standing up for their beliefs and…


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Women's History Month Blog-a-thon

Latinitas is excited to announce its Women's History Month Blog-A-Thon! Starting March 23nd and ending March 27th, Latinitas invites everyone to join them in celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing their experiences, role models, and what it means to be a Latina to them. The Blog-A-Thon…


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