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Vegan French Toast


  • 1/2 medium banana (about 1/3 cup in slices)
  • cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/6 cup pineapple juice (can also be apple juice or milk substitute)
  • 2 slices of bread (or an english muffin split in two)
  • coconut oil


  1. Cut 1/2 a banana into round…

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Cattle-Related Issues

  • large amount of methane, a greenhouse gas, is released through their digestion.
  • living in concentrated ares makes methane dense.
  • poor living conditions causes stress and health problems.
  • grain-based diet causes bloating, sickness, and premature death.
  • increased antibiotic use to counteract illness.
  • inappropriate living space is inhumane. Cows cannot walk.
  • nitrogen in manure (again, when in high concentration, which it usually is)…

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Update on Eco-Column

  My betta, Chili Trung, and nerite snail, Gizmo, both survived! Unfortunately, the aloe vera and tomato plants died in an accident ( the terrestrial chamber tipped over). Still, I was able to take Chili and Gizmo home, and they are doing amazing. They looks much healthier, with great color and energy. Not only that, but I also got a 100 on my report for the project. An overall success!

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Blog-a-thon: Why am I Proud to be a Latina?

  In El Paso, I never credit the rich diversity of Mexican culture. Everyday, I hear the Spanish language and festive music, smell the greasy tacos and rice, and see the decorative murals, bright in color, adorned with scenes of fruit and gardens. It's easy to get bored of it all, when that is all that you see. I tend to take it for granted.

  However, I once spent a whole summer in Arizona, with a group of girls around my age. There were about two other latinas, but the rest were…


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Blog-a-thon: What is Feminism?

  Feminism is the advocacy for equality among genders. Feminism does not aim to diminish the power of men, but demands the same power for women. What chromosomes (XX) or (XY) you're randomly born with should not determine anything about you, except what kind of reproductive system you will develop. And that body you develop is but a shell- you are who you are inside. The body is an asset for living in the physical universe, and you are the only one who has control of that body. It is like a…


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Blog-a-thon: Chica Poderosa

  My power comes from my determination- my future goals in life, and will to obliterate injustices all around the globe. Usually, my main focus is on animal rights and the urgent need to save endangered species from extinction, but in order to have success in this, I realize that human and environmental rights also need to be taken care of. We cannot expect starving people to have the motivation to change their agricultural methods, for example, and we cannot improve biodiversity unless…


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A Wall of Wildlife

  I thought and thought about the tragedy of the Wall. Walls don't have a good connotation due to historical events- the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China (watch Mulan, the Huns were not happy. In real life: the Xiongnu.), the wall of Jericho... I think walls just remind people of what they cannot do, and creates tension and hate.

  I understand that it is unfair for immigrants to pass freely, but I understand that refugees need to escape to safety, and are often too desperate or…


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  Another thing that has been driving me bananas this past two weeks is my ecocolumn project in environmental science. I have to construct a sustainable habitat in a bottle, basically, consisting of a terrestrial, aquatic, and decomposition layer. The thing is, we are not allowed to interfere with the aquatic chamber (besides to take tests) for 5 weeks! Biogeochemical cycles must take care of everything. I worry sick about how my poor betta fish, Chili Trung, and nerite snail, Gizmo, as well…


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King Corn and Food Inc. Review

  Both “King Corn” and “Food Inc.” are relatively outdated movies- 2007 and 2008 respectively. Things have changed since then, but for the most part, agribusiness and food production have stayed the same. It may be, however, that these documentaries brought awareness of corruption in the food industry, and some of these changes owe it to the documentaries.

  Two changes that I have seen in the past eight years are the lowering of high fructose…


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This is a good activity to try when you're feeling self-conscious. I did it for a scholarship competition, but it can easily be done whenever you want. What you do is write your name, and come up with traits that you have and like about yourself. You don't have to explain them like I did, so long as you know why you like the chosen traits. Here is my example:

Tomboy- a girl that doesn't fall into gender…


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The Importance of... Game

   I want to start writing about the importance of things; mainly the importance of specific species of animals. Plants and natural resources are great too, but other topics can be considered. There are too many choices if I just take some off the top of my head, so I am asking for any suggestions. If you find yourself questioning, “why are sting rays important?” for example, you can leave that comment on my blog or page, and hopefully I’ll be able to answer it. This could…


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The 2016 Election

  Lately, people have been afraid of the 2016 Election’s results. I admit that it has been annoying to hear so many people complain, and I feel bad for complaining further.

  The best thing to do would have to be, rather than complain, accept and respect the upcoming President, and influence him. We can let him see things our way. However, complaining just annoys people, and wouldn’t be effective in helping him see alternative points of view. A…


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Hispanic Heritage Month 2016: Prompt 2: Growing up Latina

  I've always felt a little out of tune with my ethnic cultural background. For the most part, I was raised purely American, but there were little hints of Mexican culture. Just not to the extent of many of my classmates.

  What I mean is, I always go to school and wonder what people are saying. I probably know more French or Chinese than I do Spanish (I'm not fluent in those languages either though.). Yet, there are some Spanish words I've picked up on through the years. For example,…


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Hispanic Heritage Month 2016: Prompt 1: Latina Feminist

  Whenever I think about feminism in the Latin culture, I imagine Sandra Cisneros. Sandra Cisneros is a contemporary, Mexican-American author of novels and short-stories. Most of her stories feature insight into Latin culture. For example, she will incorporate Spanish words into English text, in a way that people who aren't familiar with Spanish can infer what the Spanish words mean.

  The theme of Cisneros's writings is often how it feels to live everyday life as a Latina. In books…


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Texan Beauty

Texan Beauty

A view of the Chisos Mountains in big Bend National Park.

Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in your homeland.

When people think of wild animals, it's common to think of tigers, elephants, monkeys, and lions- rarely does anybody imagine the animals native to their state. Here in Texas, we might not have biodiverse tropical rainforests, but there is a level of beauty. Nature's beauty in Texas best…


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Racist Crops

Ambition itself isn’t a harmful ideal.

However, when ambition turns to greed, Earth’s natural balance is disturbed, and conflicts arise. Monoculture has existed as long as agriculture all over the world. As crop production sciences have improved in the past century, the environmental impact of monoculture has been most prevalent since the 1930s to 1960s. However, some of the worst instances of the social impacts of monoculture formed in America…


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Senior Year: Day 2

  Day 2 was actually better than the first. I was worried because I had two AP courses on that day, and all new teachers. However, the Psychology teacher is very organized in her lesson plans, and it seems as though she set up the class to make it easier on us. She doesn't do after school or Saturday tutoring, and has already given us our homework ahead of time. As for Statistics, it kind of seems like a lot of work and does do Saturdays, but the teacher said if I cannot make it I can go…


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Senior Year

   I know it's an overrated topic, but I'm going to talk about my school life. Yesterday was my first day as a senior. This year, I am going to have some of the best classes I've ever had. AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, Art 1, and PE. Yesterday, I went to Environmental, PE, English 4, and US Government.

  According to the syllabus, AP Environmental seems manageable, and not too stressful. There are no study sessions after school or on the weekends, and the homework is…


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