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As a new school year is on it's way, and for many Latinas, this will be the last! I congratulate you, you've made it! Exciting, huh? Some of you might be feeling bitter sweet as you embark on your last stage of high school. But most of you might be suffering from the syndrome of doubts. No worries. Here are some helpful tips that will help you find the right college/major for you.

TIP 1: Don't judge a job by it's income

When picking a major, close your eyes and answer this question in your mind--would you rather wake up and dread going to work everyday, since  you know your job is a boring, sitting-in-front of an computer type of job. But it pays really well. Or would you instead be in a job that you enjoy and are excited to go to everyday? 

TIP: 2 Don't judge a college by it's size or location. 

I used to think that UT Austin wasn't a good bit for me because of it's incredibly huge campus. But I proved myself wrong once I got there. It's very peculiar, but once you attend UT and start walking around, the campus eventually shrinks and it soon turns into a familiar map that you learn like the back of your hand. Well..almost. I still get lost from time to time...but every time is a new and interesting adventure. 

TIP 3: Seek help/ask friends

Talk to your high school counselor, their job is to help you! But also make sure they are not pointing you in the wrong direction. You  don't want to waste your time and do things twice. 

TIP 4: IT's OKAY to change your mind

Change is the only constant thing in life. Always remember that. So it's okay to change your mind about where you want to attend college or what major you want to choose. 

TIP 5: Be mature about your decision

As a high school senior, I was obsesed with Soutnern Methodist University (SMU) and Texas Christian University (TCU) , or with it's visually-stunning campus. But parents coudln't afford it. At the time, I was still considered an international student. I would tell my parents that I absolutely had to go there. And…I ended up attending community college instead. And it was truly the best decision I've ever made.

Hope this helps! 

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Comment by Jasmine Villa on September 19, 2013 at 6:21pm
These are great tips!




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