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Saying I like bands is a major understatement. I could skydive from the Statue of Liberty if Fall Out Boy asked me to. I could steal Kim Kardashian's fur coats if Pierce the Veil suggested it. Do NOT get me started on what I'd do for As It Is. You've caught my drift.

Bands = my life. My life = bands. Everyone knows this. So I bet my best friend Maegan wasn't surprised when I texted her late at night a couple of months ago with my latest, oddest idea.


Maegan: Did 5 Seconds Of Summer release a new album?

Me: Still a few more months to go

Maegan: Did you kidnap Austin Carlile

Me: No, but keep the ideas coming. ANYWAY GUESS WHAT

Maegan: WHAT?!


Yes, I had gotten the insane idea of starting the band after watching Bryan (Or is it Brian. Correct me if I did it wrong. Sorry :( ) Stars' interview with Never Shout Never. And yes, Christofer Drew had been REALLY mean to him (to the point that he cried at the end of the video. Not cool, CD) and well, I was NOT letting go. So you could imagine my excitement after clinging onto the idea of starting my OWN band.

Since it was around 2 am most likely, I turned off my phone (Okay, that's a lie. Don't tell my parents, but hey, I need my music to sleep. Okay, that's another lie, but there's nothing better than Patty Walters at 2am) and started thinking ahead. What if this new, still nonexisting band became big?

We've all had those moments where we imagine ourselves being famous. Maybe some people imagined themselves winning an Oscar ("And the Director of the Year award goes to.....Angie Flores !") perhaps others imagined winning the World Cup, but there I was, imagining myself playing at Warped Tour, winning an APMA, and feeding Zack Merrick grapes. Hey, go big or go home!

The next morning I ended up immediately starting my plans. I took out my guitar (which had collected some dust from not Joe Trohman-ing  for some time) and starting attempting to write songs. Hence, ATTEMPTING.

I am a decent writer when it comes to writing about ex boyfriends and stuff but I was NOT good at writing, well, music. I knew NOTHING. Nada, So I just stared at my guitar, and thought "Isn't this the part when you make great music and get me to the Grammys? Why aren't you working?" So thus, after five hours of intensely staring at my instrument, I came to my senses, and not only because my mum was yelling at me for not cleaning my room, but because I realised "Dude, this isn't even how this works."

I had collected a drummer, a bass player, and a guitar player, aka my friends, aka people who also did NOT have a clue how to play these instruments. I figured that maybe it had been the excitement of wishing to be like some of my idols that drove me to do something I clearly was not ready for, like instantly trying to dominate flips in Gymnastics 1 just because Dominique Dawes was your hero, or trying to cook a turkey when you even burned toast but wished to be just like Gordon Ramsay. I had NO idea of what I was doing, and luckily I had caught it before I did something disastrous. I put my guitar away (after cleaning it, of course, for all I knew, the 80s were living in there) and got to what I knew I could do- write lyrics. Sure, I was definitely not ready to be the next Kellin Quinn but I could be Ed Sheeran's new less musically talented little sister. 

Weeks passed, and I decided I still wanted to at least try something. I decided to start taking guitar lessons (A class in school, I believe we all joined to be the next Ryan Ross, or at the very least, the guy who played in Austin Jones' "Leaving This World" video. We were (and are) all amateurs, but we'll get there someday.

So yes, in conclusion, I learned that I had to go slowly, and perhaps I was getting waaaaaay ahead of myself. But hey, who says Luke Hemmings was born a star?

Wait, I said it. Cross that :)

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