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  My power comes from my determination- my future goals in life, and will to obliterate injustices all around the globe. Usually, my main focus is on animal rights and the urgent need to save endangered species from extinction, but in order to have success in this, I realize that human and environmental rights also need to be taken care of. We cannot expect starving people to have the motivation to change their agricultural methods, for example, and we cannot improve biodiversity unless agricultural methods are changed to be more sustainable. Therefore, I have constant visualizations in my mind, trying to figure out the best way of doing things. My mind is like a turbine- spinning on and on.

  Sometimes, life is stressful. My turbine-like mind has its drawbacks. Sometimes, I worry about the littlest things, and feel I need to fix everything. I can't relax until I have figured out a problem, and sometimes that problem is just a theoretical or self-induced one. As a result, I sometimes feel hopeless, and do not want to go on.

  Then I remember, I have dependents. Without me, many animals might not ever get a chance for life. Whatever I accomplish in the future will cease to exist. And though the process of everyday life may be exhausting, it'll be worth it when I get to the point of being with the animals, out in nature. That is where I'm happiest. Happiness can come- I just need to keep on and get there. The joy I will feel when helping animals is more intense than any source of pain I can go through now. 

And the same goes for all of us. Find your purpose in life. It's not what people tell you to do,but your wildest dream. It might sound far-fetched, but go after it anyway. Then you will be empowered with a sense of value to your life, and promise of great happiness.

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