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  Feminism is the advocacy for equality among genders. Feminism does not aim to diminish the power of men, but demands the same power for women. What chromosomes (XX) or (XY) you're randomly born with should not determine anything about you, except what kind of reproductive system you will develop. And that body you develop is but a shell- you are who you are inside. The body is an asset for living in the physical universe, and you are the only one who has control of that body. It is like a tool, and, in my opinion, the brain is the most important part of that tool. The brain translates everything around you in a way that only you can ever understand.

   I hate it when people say that abortion is part of feminism, because. although you have the right to your own body, no human should have the right to kill another. The baby, or cells if you want to call them that, have rights of their own, because there is a soul with purpose there. We all have a purpose, and your own purpose, of course, can only be achieved if you chase your dreams. You are a master of your own fate, and cannot control the fate of others. However, through your words and actions, you can change the perception of others, change society, and change the world- whether you are a man or woman. We all have these rights, and when society tries to steal them from you, that is injustice. Feminism is what you would call fighting injustices against females.

  There are conflicting view when it comes to exposing the body, and feminism. I've always hated clothing, and used to get jealous of how men were allowed to take off their shirts and women aren't. I think that is the key reason why women feel that body exposure is part of the feminist movement. However, I feel that some women expose themselves because they think it looks "sexy," and in that way are working against feminism, as they are allowing beauty in the eyes of a man to be a motivation for actions they might themselves find embarrassing. Now that I'm older, I'd be embarrassed to expose my body, and I think that men should be just as embarrassed. If women need to wear a shirt, they should have to too. My point is, the motivation behind body exposure determines whether it is an act of feminism or not- not the act itself.

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