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Full name: Kimberly Rodriguez                  Age: 25

 Current Job:  Healthcare Recruiter for Mainland Medical Center

 Education: Bachelors of Arts in Business Management

 1) What is the best part of your job?

Helping other people get jobs, being able to be independent and provide for my needs and wants all by myself.

 2) Would you say that choices you’ve made in the past have influenced your career journey? (Organizations, volunteering, clubs) Which ones affected you and how?

I think being involved in organizations helped me with my interpersonal skills which has allowed me to be more confident and able to speak with such diverse people from different educational backgrounds, ethnicities, economic statuses, etc. 


3) What was your favorite class H.S?  


 4) How did you know what you wanted to study in college?

I knew that a Business degree is versatile, meaning there is an abundance of different job opportunities.

5) What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

Shopping, traveling, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going to concerts/listening to live music.

6) Did you always wanted to be a Healthcare Recruiter? If not, what changed your mind?

I did not know this is what I wanted to be.  I didn't even know what a healthcare recruiter was, that every hospital had one, or that I was even qualified to be one.  I graduated from college, puts tons of applications in to various jobs, and was lucky that my boss fell across me, interviewed me, and believed in me. He then offered me a job knowing that I did not have any experience.

7) Any long-term goals?

Obtain a Masters degree (I am still uncertain in what)

8) Do you have any advice for young girls who are struggling to decide what they want to do after H.S?

GO TO COLLEGE! Don’t worry if you don’t have money, don’t have a supportive family, made poor choices in high school, have bad grades, or have a baby.  College does not discriminate, and it IS FOR EVERYBODY.  There are opportunities waiting for everybody, but they are not going to fall in your lap.  You have to fight for them, and you may get 20, “No’s,” before you get a, “Yes,” but don’t give up! You never want to rely on anybody else to provide for the needs and wants you have for yourself – not a parent and definitely NEVER a man.  Nothing is certain in life – I promise.  However, you having your own education, making your own money, is, and that is nothing anybody can take with them if they leave.  Who you were in high school has no importance on what your potential in life is.  Don’t be scared to challenge yourself….facing your challenges will make you the woman you need to be, for your future self, and for your future family.


 *If you could identify yourself with Kimberly and would like her to become your mentor, please respond to this post.  




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