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Spank Rock, LMFAO, and Ke$ha- in that order. Wednesday, August 3rd, at 7:00 P.M., the line to get into Cedar Park Center was out the door- literally. Hundreds of glitter-covered girls eagerly waited on the sidewalk, tickets in hand. Spank Rock kicked it off to a great start and had the floor going wild- so much that a push pit was initiated! After a few songs, there was an intermission, and LMFAO's banner was unrolled for all to see, eliciting a few excited screams from the crowd. Minutes later, the lights shut off, and the stage illuminated the duo as the party started. From shuffling, to fist-pumping, to red Speedos, these two pulled out all the stops and let loose. Strobe lights flashed like crazy and the crowd screamed wildly! After a great hour of their hits, including the single that shot to #1 in twelve different countries, Party Rock Anthem, the boys bowed out and gave a quick shout-out to their girl up next, Ke$ha. Intermission followed, and the fifteen minutes of set-up on stage helped build the anticipation. Ke$ha's set, reminiscent of an urbanized playground, took up most of the stage, yet gave plenty of room to dance around and go wild. The lights were instantaneously shut off, and screams echoed throughout the arena. This moment was what everyone had been waiting for all night. "Hello, Austin! My name..... is Ke$ha. Are y'all ready to get dirty?" The volume of the screams increased three-fold, and the red and blue rhombus-shaped apparatus surrounding Ke$ha dimly lit her silhouette. Adorned in her garbage-chic, form-fitting, rhinestone-and-glitter covered clothing, she sang almost every song off of her Cannibal album, as she kept the high-energy reverberating throughout the audience, interacting with those in the front row, and shooting the occasional cannonful of glitter at the crowd. Ke$ha brought out fruit, keytars, glow in the dark glasses, and plenty of glitter to go around, as the crowd screamed enthusiastically, song after song. Just when you thought the concert was over, a wave of clapping started, as the crowd chanted her name loudly in unison. The stage lights came up, and the remainder of the fog was released. A few "awww's" could be heard from the crowd below, and after a few rounds of, "Ke$ha! Ke$ha! Ke$ha!" she brought it home with We R Who We R, to the audience's delight.She thanked Austin for being such a great crowd, and reminded everyone to never apologize for being yourself, as well as tossing in a few expletives. Overall, I had a great time with my fellow Latinitas- this concert was not one to be forgotten. Thanks Donna, for being such a wonderful suite attendant, and a huge thank you to State Farm Insurance for allowing the girls of Latinitas to enjoy ourselves in your suite- we deeply appreciated the opportunity!

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Comment by Brooke M on August 17, 2011 at 8:33am
Well written Leticia! I could not have described it any better. It was definitely a night to remember :)
Comment by Leticia Gabriela Hernandez on August 9, 2011 at 1:39pm
Thanks Amy! You're so sweet! :)




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