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In highschool, I thought very highly of myself for staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. I imagined I was getting in some practice before college, and I was thrilled at the idea that I was preparing myself for an exciting and fun-filled life ahead. This became a half truth in college. Yes, I am staying up late and this time it is past 3 a.m. on a regular basis, and yes it is sometimes fun. The other times, it is stressful and as one might imagine, exhausting. Someone once told me that you could have one of three things in college and still be sane. These things are: some solid hours of sleep, a fabulous social life, or wonderful grades. The grave tone that this person took on as they described these unspoken rules was a just a tad frightening to my college freshmen self. Now as a rising junior, I learned that in a very odd sense, there is some truth to these words.  In reality, my college life is lived as a balance of these three items. A great night’s rest leads to a day of paying attention in my classes where I don’t need to have one (or two) redbulls, and this leads to having some time to go out later that day.  When one gets thrown off, the rest of the items on the this wheel suffer. Priorities also come into play. If I have a test that is a significant percent of my final grade, this means that I will have a quiet weekend where my ‘going out’ will consists of leaving the library for Netflix and pizza delivery. But when I know that I have studied to the best of my ability and hopefully receive a wonderful grade on that test, I celebrate by going out the following weekend. So trust me, when you get to college, you’ll want to sleep like a baby when you aren’t out on the town. Remember all of those naps you denied in Pre-K? Well, college is the most fun you’ll have missing them. And it will be fun, just a tad harder than working on a coloring book.

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Comment by Ixchel Perez- Sajquim on June 25, 2014 at 1:59pm

I wish we had nap time in college, I would be so happy. 

On another note, I love your post, and I 10000000000%agree.




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