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I am a sophomore at the University of Texas at El Paso.  As a 20 year old you would think I have more freedom than high school kids do but unfortunately that is not the case. My typical strict, Mexican mother watches my every move and gives me a curfew because I still live under her roof; her house...her rules.  I don't party and I don't do illegal things however she still tries her best to over protect me.  With a cut in my financial aid my hopes of moving out to the dorms have slowly decreased.  The dilemma now is... Do I stay home and deal with these over the top rules for another 2-3 years till I graduate, or do I get a loan and move out?  There are so many pros and cons to either decision, which is making my decision extremely hard.  I love coming home to home cooked food, I enjoy having my own room, my privacy, my own restroom, and having a car.  If I move out I will lose all of those privileges including my car.  However, I will gain freedom, I will become far more independent, I will be closer to school, I will be able to focus more, I won't have to drive 45 minutes to get to school anymore, I will be able to make time for ME and not so much what my mom wants.  The downside: No privacy, share a room with someone else, lose my car, walk to places or ride the bus if I get a part-time job, I will be forced to learn how to cook, and that means I won't get randomly spoiled like I do living with my parents.  There is so much to lose, yet so much to gain.  What is it that I want/need more?  All I can do is pray on it and hope to make the best decision for ME and no one else.  

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Comment by Marlett Mojica on July 21, 2014 at 12:04pm
In my opinion, just do what you gotta do. If you want to move out to gain more independence, then do it, no one is stopping you. Also I understand you'll need the car to get to places and learn how to cook, but that's the best part. When you walk around the city you get to see it's beauty on foot instead of just passing by. When you're cooking, you feel proud because you accomplished something on your own. Choose which ever path makes you happy; if you're not happy at home, then spread your wings and leave it's nest.




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