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Youth Editorial Advisory Board: Now accepting SPRING applications!


Dream of getting published?

Latinitas is seeking motivated and talented young Latinas, ages 13-25, across the nation who want to get published, make an impact, and want have to have their voice heard. Our Latina "word weavers" will get the experience they need as our future leaders of America by becoming involved with the Youth Editorial Advisory Board.

Young Latinas who are self-motivated and want to develop their writing and multimedia skills are invited to apply.This is a perfect opportunity for applicants who dream of a career in media and journalism and who want to make a difference while getting published.

What is the Youth Editorial Advisory Board?
The Latinitas Youth Editorial Advisory Board is a group of young writers ages 13-25 who assist with writing articles for our magazine and will focus on expanding an area of the magazine with their expertise. YEAB members get to decide what issues THEY want to talk about, no boring assignments from us. That's right, as a YEAB member YOU get to decide. Applicants also participate in our online social networking community ( by blogging and using several of the interactive features on the site. The world needs more LATINA writers.

YEAB conference chat, 5/2012.

YEAB Members sound off on the program:
"Working with the YEAB has been something that I felt was a good opportunity for me. I've learned about how important it is to write your experiences, and how amazing it is to read other points of view as well. It's helped me branch out with my writing, and include some of my culture as a Latina in my writing, which I think needs to be done more. We need to show the world what a powerful force we are! Working with the YEAB has also taught me that there's a really awesome dialogue that occurs between writers and the people in charge, and that's something that I am so appreciative of from Latinitas!" -- Amanda

Vasti - "So far my experience has been really good, despite the fact that I am really shy, which kinda hinders it. I am so shy that writing blogs is quite a pain to write. Being in YEAB, that is slowly starting to change, since I have to write them if I want to stay in the program. I am beginning to feel more conformable posting them, but I still feel a bit shy about posting any blog. But I think that will change as time goes by and I get more experience on posting them. The fact that everyone whose on YEAB and the Latinitas community is so intelligent helps, too. If you post a blog and a Latinita disagrees with you, you won't see any rants, instead you get very intelligent comment on why they disagree. YEAB is suppose to help empower other girls--younger ones. That is one of our aims as members of the program, but as you can see, I am slowly overcoming my shyness, so it empowers the girls who are in the program, too. I have been silent my whole life, it is slowly helping me get my voice heard."

"I like that we get to choose what we want to talk about and that we get input from editors and other writers about our topics. This experience seems less isolated that just blogging solo or writing for your own website than working as a team.I think I've really found my "voice" as a writer. I used to think I knew my writing style, but I felt like writing for Latinitas has given my voice a platform. As I writer I feel my voice has really been shaped to be something unique that pushes my ideas forward in an entertaining, informative and non-threatening way. It's important to get the Latina voice out there because we have A LOT to say! Not only that, but that Latinas I talk to daily have interesting ideas and passions that need to be expressed about the world we live in. If we don't talk about our experiences being able to relate to one another will be much harder and we won't know what aspects of our culture to change or embrace. We need to have each other's backs and a great way to do that is to commiserate or congratulate one another with our problems and accomplishments." - Angelica, writer of the "Angry Chica Column"

How to apply:

Youth writers are selected through an application process; applicants simply have to fill out our online application. We look for quality over quantity, so let your natural talent and charisma shine.

Deadline for the Spring semester application is January 25th, 11:59 PM MST.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the online application:

For additional application information, please check out the application group:

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