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Alright so this is the third day of my experiment. I checked my horoscope....and again it was soooOOooOo off!

Your forthright mood leads you to say things that have been at the back of your mind but that you haven't had the courage to voice -- until now. Keep it up! Some people (including yourself) need to hear the truth. After the smoke clears, you'll have to devise other plans, but that won't be a problem. Make sure you explore any new contacts or ideas that come up right now -- they may prove so promising you're able to see a bright new future ahead.

Ahh where to begin!! Let's start with the "forthright mood" bit. If you could recall, my dear reader, the jist of yesterday's blog was about the fact that yesterday started off terribly. It only bettered slightly throughout the day, and this morning I was so exhausted from working late into the night at my second job, I could barely peel myself from the bed. So to say the least, my mood....could be better. haha Maybe this mood will get me to speak my mind.
How about "exploring new contacts or ideas that come up right now?" hmmm... I'm pretty sure that yesterday I was thinking about getting a credit card and using it to fly myself to Paris. You know just one of those day dreams to get you through your hectic day like "Instead of having to go work, I could just call Capitol One right now and book my flight tonight!" Aside from ignoring the minor detail of not having a passport or let alone that I NEED to work and pay bills, it was nice to imagine I actually have the option but choose not to exercise it.
No other ideas popped into my head further proving this horoscope thing to be broken.
Or maybe I just complain too much and expect too much out of a recycled horoscope written by some overweight balding man up in, say, I don't know, Michigan.
To him I say, "Hey buddy! Lighten up and give me a good horoscope!"

On a side note, another successful club meeting at the Armijo Public Library. We got two more girls to join! We made fototelenovelas. Pretty funny stuff.

Also want to remind you guys to make your video and/or writing submissions for the Latinitas Contest this month. You don't need a horoscope to win this! Just a camera and you to tell us what you're doing in your community or what is the biggest challenge facing Latinas today.

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