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I was listening to Pandora while I was getting ready (it was on the "Julieta Venegas" station - one of my favorites) and there was a little beat in the beginning of one of the songs that triggered my memory. It reminded me of a Korean drama that I watched last year and fell in love with called "My Girl." The reason that it reminded me of "My Girl" was because that little beat was used in the drama when the characters were doing something funny or silly. 


First of all, yes I watch Korean dramas. They are sooooooo good! Dramas are very popular in South Korea. One of my friends is Korean-American and studied abroad in Korea so she is the person I go to if I ever want to learn about Korean pop culture. She also introduced me to some pretty cool boy bands from Korea. She lend me the DVDs in order to watch "My Girl" since she had urged me to watch a drama for some time now.  


"My Girl" is a romantic comedy so the main character, Yoo Rin is hilarious! She is a happy, light hearted girl that gets herself in sticky funny situations but uses her wit and hustling skills to get out. Of course there has to be a love interest and that is the typical good looking, well mannered, sweet, rich guy, Gong Chan. The main characters fight like cats and dogs but still manage to get along and fall in love eventually.


Throughout the drama, I was observing Korean culture and noting on the differences between Latin American novelas and Korean dramas. 


First, Dramas are like novelas but different. These dramas are shorter in length. They don't come out everyday like novelas but once a week and usually last about one TV show season.


Novelas are usually very intense. The villans are evil and there is so much passion and lust throughout the whole thing. In this drama, there are no real evil villans that are out to kill anyone. The drama does have a love triangle which is also very typical of a novela. The characters involved through are not that conniving or mean but tend to be more reasonable and sometimes even willing to step aside.


Also there is not much passion or lust and it isn't needed. I can count the number of kisses throughout the whole drama with one hand  (four). Also, hugging in the drama means so much more than in the U.S. or Latin America. It is typical for us to hug when we meet someone like a friend. And in Latin America, people kiss each other on the cheek to greet each other. In Asia, a bow is a greeting so a hug means that you have a closer relationship with that person and a kiss also has so much more meaning.


Like a novela though, there are the rich people and the poor. The main character is poor and  a struggling tourist guide that also speaks Chinese and Japanese since she's had to move around so much. The lead guy is very rich and about to inhereit the family business - several hotels. His best friend, also rich, has 2 masters degrees, one of the US, speaks English fluently and was living in Italy just for fun. 


I also noticed that family is very important in Asia as it is for Latinos. In the drama, the importance of family is displayed throughout. When the lead guy's grandpa is very sick, he is always by his side. They have respect and love for each other. 


Overall, the drama was very good! I was so sad when it was over, I wish I hadn't watched it so I could all over again. I was told these dramas were addicting and now I see that it is true. Having watched several novelas, it was pretty interesting to compare them with Korean dramas and see how different or similar these cultures are and understand Korean culture better. If you ever come across the opportunity, watch a Korean drama, I have several recommendations and judge for yourself. I hope to be able to watch a new one this month! 


Note: I do not speak/understand Korean. I watched it with English subtitles.

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