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     Last week, I had coffee with a fellow feminist friend that I had not seen in 3 1/2 years. I "ran into" her at BookPeople as I was trying to meet Sonya Sotomayor (which proved to be impossible because of the mass amount of people that showed up to the event). It was great to see her after so long since she is one of the first feminists I ever became acquaintance with. I think she is one of the first women ever to get me incredibly in tune with politics and really showed me what it was like to be a feminist.

     Our conversation was incredibly refreshing and I really enjoyed her company. I got to talk to her about her experiences in upstate New York where she completed her degree in law. She had also just accepted a great job in Baltimore and was very excited about starting her career. This lead to talking about networking and our lack of actually knowing of how to do this. It wasn't exactly a relative term or norm for us.  She claimed that no one had taught her and it was a problem because everyone had always known how to do this growing up. She basically blamed El Paso and their school institutions for not gearing her up to succeed later on, which is something I agreed with to some extent.

     Networking is basically making friends with people that you don't exactly are best friends with and get personal with but can help you get to where you want to get. It's a very professional term and something everyone needs to practice early on in order to have contact information and different options when in the work force. I think this is a skill that every Latinita should have and understand. It is important to know how to talk with different people with all sorts of backgrounds and in many different fields is an advantage for anyone. Begin today!

     With that said, I would like to explain that networking is also very technological now. People can connect with one another through social media, research engines, email, and applications like LinkedIn.

     LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking websites. An individual can upload their resume and connect with many professionals in their field or others. I updated my website today and encourage others to do so. If you have one, feel free to connect with me as well at


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