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Rain, Josh Groban, Crafting, and Home

Part 1: Rain

It is currently raining as I write this. El Paso has seen almost a week of lots of rain in this usually very thirsty desert-mountain city. Rain makes El Paso not feel like El Paso to me. The joke is that nobody can remember how to drive when it rains here. That it rains just enough to get everyone's cars to get dirty.


Part 2: Josh Groban

I like to listen to Josh Groban when it rains because his voice is almost as dramatic as having any kind of precipitation in El Paso.


Part 3: Crafting

My sister sent me an article today that was an interview with the author of a recent book about, as she calls it, "the return to domesticity." She, the author named Emily Matchar, thinks that the economy got really rocky, finding jobs became really hard - especially for women, and so they (we) became crafters. But she doesn't know if that was such a good thing. At the very least, the do-it-yourself trend might be more complicated than what meets the eye.


Part 4: Home

One of the first blogs I wrote was me crying/complaining/venting/ruminating on how all my friends were gone - like out of the country gone - for the summer. Well, if June is the month everyone leaves, August is the month everyone returns. Just for a few weeks. Just long enough to see some pictures and say a long goodbye --- again.


Part 5: Get to the Point

I think these four things -- rain, Josh Groban, crafting, and coming ome-- accurately describe my life. And what my life will be like for the next couple or ten years. Rain because rain in El Paso, even just a little bit, makes everything seem SO treacherous even though everything is just fine. Josh Groban because he is a Dramaqueen like me and I'm pretty sure I will see my fair share of drama in the coming years. Crafting because these are the years you take all the half-made pieces of yourself and make yourself into something useful, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. And homecoming because I don't measure my time in years, or days, or minutes anymore, but in how long its been since I have been home.


Rain. Josh Groban. Crafting. Home.

That is my four word autobiography. If you had describe your life in four words, what would they be?


with love,








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