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This is a good activity to try when you're feeling self-conscious. I did it for a scholarship competition, but it can easily be done whenever you want. What you do is write your name, and come up with traits that you have and like about yourself. You don't have to explain them like I did, so long as you know why you like the chosen traits. Here is my example:

Tomboy- a girl that doesn't fall into gender barriers. I'm not ashamed to be a girl, but being so doesn't define my interests or lifestyle. I like what I like: comics, video games, weaponry, and the outdoors.

Activist- someone who fights for what they believe in. Whether animal rights, environmentalism, or education is challenged, I’m there to lobby with my articles.

Yanqui- a North American. I admire the Native American culture, and believe I have some tribal blood.

Listener- someone who hears alternate versions of stories, absorbs what a friend is telling them about their problems, or is prone to loving or hating the faintest vibrations surrounding them.

Odd- straying from the mean. I think I have a z-score of 44. If you know what I mean, you probably know what I mean by odd.

Restless- constantly in need of stimulation. If I'm not solving, fighting, or running away from crime, I feel like I'm committing one.

Nerd- a clumsy, socially awkward, intelligent, and obsessive person. Mulan is a positive role model, but I can't do kung-fu.

Feeler- someone who gets an F in the MBTI test. I'm highly emotional, and though I don't show it, my emotions control my actions. No regrets.

Imagination- a T-Rex planted a minnow in my grandma's backyard, and it grew into a pair of pants made of pudding.

Goal-oriented- someone who works towards their dream. I will open an animal sanctuary to restore peace between humans and animals- which is why I need college.


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