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Birds don’t stay in the same place for long. Flying is the least of it for me; it isn’t quite as magical as the act of moving forward. Birds go from one location to another, with almost constant motion and little stop them. I’ve always wanted to be like a bird in this way, both in motion and growth.


To take flight for myself though, I have encountered doubt in my ability.


Hesitant like I always am before taking off aboard an airplane, I grip onto the seat handles and I find it hard to just for it, or just go do it, whatever it is. Often I hide how difficult this is for me but I put up a strong fight on my part to overcome shyness and fear.


Taking the lead has involved breaking out of shyness and fears.


It was during my sophomore year that I decided to just go for it and hold nothing back. I applied for Student Council and Student Ambassador positions at my school. I submitted an application to lead underclassmen retreats. Last summer, at the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) I presented a speech in front other high school students for a Regional ambassador position. And as I indicated my interest in these leadership positions, I had to take many deep breaths and hold hope in my potential.


Coming away at the end of my junior year, I can describe having taken on all these leadership positions as both an accomplishment and challenge. Though when traveling I might still grip my seat with sweaty hands in nerves, I know my potential. The fear is overcome with the happiness I know will endure in my spirit, after facing challenges.  


Another challenge I anticipate is coming my way quite rapidly. College is the next location I plan to make it to. As a result of the rigorous preparation I have gone through so far at Justin-Siena, I see college as the next stage that will continue to prepare me.

Later I will either choose to study law or journalism, or perhaps both. I want to become a lawyer in order to advocate for the defenseless, and/or a journalist so as to provide truths to my community. I would also like to see what my hard work would take me to in college. My high school AP courses in History and English have given me solid foundations to which study either and/or both areas. College though would provide me with the unveiling of my potential in a way that only four more years of study could.

Mostly, I am just happy to know that even with the challenges and despite hesitation and fear, I can take off to continue to lead. I won't mind where that might land me.




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Comment by Adriana Ramos on June 11, 2013 at 6:27pm

You're so sweet! Thank you. It's tough personally but I agree that it's definitely worth the effort! 

Comment by Veronica Porras on June 11, 2013 at 2:23pm

I wish you luck! You seem to be quite determined and I hope nothing can shake that off! Leadership comes with incredible responsibility but it worth it!




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