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  Lately, people have been afraid of the 2016 Election’s results. I admit that it has been annoying to hear so many people complain, and I feel bad for complaining further.

  The best thing to do would have to be, rather than complain, accept and respect the upcoming President, and influence him. We can let him see things our way. However, complaining just annoys people, and wouldn’t be effective in helping him see alternative points of view. A person with the personality of Donald Trump usually has no patience for people feeling sorry for themselves, which doesn’t actively address solutions. It only makes the complainer more disliked, and lessens the chance of winning empathy.

  Changing somebody’s point of view is possible, no matter how high status that person is. Upon entering Presidency, for example, current President Obama was against same sex marriage. Years later, he was lighting up the White House in rainbow, celebrating the passing of the law to allow same sex marriage in the USA. It was the strong support of the public that changed his view. I’m almost 100% certain that most US citizens would remember at least one LGBT event. Two the stand at for me were the Chick-Fil-A protest, and the presentation of Once Upon a Time’s Mulan as a lesbian.

  What concerns me the most about Trump’s election is that it is paired with Republican control of each branch of government. I don’t like political parties, because I think they too strictly categorize beliefs, so I will not say that I am against Republicans or for Democrats (or vice versa). However, based on the general, template of beliefs expected of a Republican, it is assumed that most Republicans do not believe in climate change. That is what scares me the most. I know Donald Trump jokes about the serious issue, and hope that, although they are Republican, that the Senate and House of Representatives does not feel the same way.

  What can I do about it? Lobby. I am going to voice my opinion, and write letters, explaining the importance of protecting the environment. Claim after claim, letter after letter. If they don’t open it, someone will eventually get curious. Persistence is key to reform.

  As a group, more awareness can built. One of the major concerns of having Trump as president surrounds white supremacy. Is there a bias against Hispanics? And although not a race, is there a bias against women? The time ahead of us could unfortunately get hard, with increasing discrimination, but we cannot be afraid. Instead, we have to prove our courage and worth. Don’t listen to the lies that say Hispanics, women, or any categorization of a person defines who you are! There are plenty of examples of Hispanics who went to jail, but also who wrote books, led armies, and discovered scientific breakthroughs. Same for African Americans, Anglo Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, men, women, age groups- we are who we decide to be! We need to make our contributions known and apparent. We can show with our voices and actions that we are an essential part of America, and that the US would be worse off without us- just like the world would be worse off without environmental awareness.

  It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of life, and miss the big picture. I think that is a fault with people who doubt climate change, and who inflict discrimination. They see temperatures as  “steady” in their homeland, and do not go off and analyze the effects a 7 degree difference is causing in the oceans, perfectly designed to maintain wildlife processes in a specific temperature. They see that there are drug dealers coming in from Mexico, but fail to see bright Mexican students, who could one day find a way to combat this problem.


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