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The 5 Factors That Really Make A Difference---I give thanks to you!

Thanksgiving, the one National day to sit down, enjoy a lovely meal with your loved ones and give thanks for any personal reason. Like most people, I am thankful for my family, friends, education, health, etc... But as the celebration approaches I have come to realize, that all this time I was forgetting to give thanks for 5 very important factors, without them Thanksgiving would not be the same. I give thanks to my 5 senses:

Sight: I am thankful that I can see, so I can enjoy this special day with my family. That I can appreciate all the different colors in the food, the golden shade on the turkey and if cousin Laura wore something that did not match---again---.

Smell: I am thankful for my nose, because my nose tells me when my grandfather has arrived. If he is lying about smoking again and is covering it up with cologne. I am grateful that my sense of smell will tell me when dinner is ready; the combination of aromas, the sweetness of fresh baked bread and the roasting of the turkey.

Hearing: I am grateful for my ears, because it is them that let me know when family arrives by listening to the doorbell. I can hear when the food is ready and prevent it from burning just by listening to the ticking of the timer. I can enjoy music while the food is being prepared and to the sound of my mother speaking while cooking together. I will forever be thankful for the sound of laughter.

Touch: I am thankful I can feel. So that I can enjoy hugging and kissing my family. I am grateful that I can braid my sister’s hair and play Xbox with my brother. I can pet the dog when is begging for attention. And that I can experience the different textures in the food that was prepared.

Taste: Thanksgiving would definitely not be the same without this sense. I am forever thankful that I can taste the meal that I will enjoy with my family.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my senses, because without them I could not enjoy the other things that I am also thankful for.


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