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Here they come, hear those hoofs hit the cold, damp earth. 

No, Hear those foot steps hit the cold, hard ground.

Hear them breathe, heavy, cold. Is this place to high for you?

See them amazed, haven't they ever seen such a place? We live here, in this cold, enchanted forest.

 Hear the horses snort and breathe, we watch along this trail, green left and right, can't believe this place is alive. Where can they be, these Great Monarchs. Climb higher, rocks are wild here, as well as trees, hear the birds sing, lost in this forest. Sun, come out, it is cold here.... Shine through this thick and proud forest.

Do not move yet, we must warm up, let the sun kiss our tired wings.

Let us wait, to whisper our paper thin secrets.

We must walk from here on out, leave the horses behind, 

Oh tiring walk, we breathe hard but still carry on, they are close, 

Footsteps, bird songs, accompany us, shadowing our silence.

They are near! Let us rest still, let the sun touch our orange wings, give the dullness a boost, let the sun shine through.

I see I see, they can no longer wait, 

hear their footsteps become quieter.

Whispers, we shall answer back.

Hanging like bees, bees, bees.

Trees heavily hugged by these great fliers, 

I can see they are still tired.

Sun, shine brighter than before, kiss our tired wings hello,

Warm up this cold forest, let us fly,

let us speak our paper thin secrets.

A flutter passes by, heavily on the leaves, let her land on the tree, 

still cold, no need, ill give you time to power up.

Let her orange and black wings pass by me, white speckles I can see.

What is it that you seek? Why have you come here? Are you the one destroying our beloved home?

We fly far, far, far,

to find no room or food, 

Or have you changed your mind, help us be alive once again!

Her wings flutter, like paper gilding through the floor, a beat never missed, 

I see her, i hear them, let the sun warm up this cold, damp forest.

Let them come alive, a song plays through my head.....

Piano.... Voices.... Strength....

We rest, our breathing controlled, relaxed, amazed.

Beauty, still sleeping, but a few dare fly among us.

Paper thin secrets we shall whisper,

Flying past you, 

Can you hear that?

Let it be known, the Great shall thrive, 

Oh Great Monarch,

Powerful as you are, you are dying, I see...

Let it be known, You are a beauty among all.

A blog, sorry for my absence. I  thought to make it interesting, in my way, write is as how the Monarchs feel/think. I went to Mexico for Thanksgiving with my mom and oldest sister, i also went to another sanctuary  lets see when I have the time to blog that, perhaps along with other places we visited, who knows? I did shorten it, for the sake of my time and school work, I feel as though it is rushed... Perhaps it is only me... 

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Comment by Irena Fierro on November 27, 2012 at 6:46pm
Thank you Jasmine :)
Comment by Jasmine Villa on November 27, 2012 at 12:22pm

I love reading your poetry!




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