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Trouble at school? Take a look at what these girls did in times of trouble.

One of the problems that I have had is that a girl has cheated off my papers every test or something that is for a grade. One time the girl cheated off the paper of another kid and she said, “Oh I got it wrong.” The teacher said, “Why did you get it wrong?” and then she had just admitted she got it wrong, then she had made this big tantrum like if she did not even cheat. The way I solved the problem was by telling my teacher until she stopped.


Dealing with a Cheater


At school there are lots of problems, I mean lots! Not just at school, there can also be problems at work too! Well my problem isn’t just a tattle tale problem. It all started in 1st grade, this girl who seemed pretty nice at first but when I got to know here I really realized who she was. She would kick me around call me names accuse me of things I wouldn’t do, shove me, and make fun of me. I told my school counselor… SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!

My solution was to just ignore her and walk away and tell her to, “stop now.” This year she wasn’t with me… I’M SO GLAD NOW I CAN JUMP UP AND DOWN!!! J

Always yours,

Trouble with a Bully


I have a problem with telling teachers at school.

Sometimes I brought candy or goods to school so I can share it at school bus, there is a kid who wants the candy or goods, he told me that, “If you don’t give me that, I’ll tell the teacher.” But he never does and he brought goods to school too.

The way I solve this problem is I stop bringing goods, then I tell the teacher that he brought candy and he got in trouble and never brought candy and so do I.


A Taste of your own Candy

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