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Every girl has an idea as to what she'd like to do someday, right? I know all of my friends and I once had a dream job we aspired to have, whether it was to be a doctor, a veterinarian, a ballerina, or a fashion designer. For me, I wanted to be a ballerina and a veterinarian. Looking back fondly on these memories, I'm glad I had hopes and dreams for those sorts of things- it's all part of being a girl! These days, there's a lot of pressure for teen girls and what they're considering for their future- whether it's college, focusing on their careers, the navy, a trade school, the marines, or the air force, there's commercials, magazine ads, and flyers are everywhere, encouraging girls of all ages to explore the possibilites. So, what's a girl to do? Any adult will tell you to pursue what you love, but how exactly would you go about doing so? If you're looking into college, think of the possibilities, first and foremost! Are you a minority? There's scholarships for that! Are you the first in your family headed for college? There's scholarships for that, too! Are you a track star? Maybe soccer or basketball's your thing? Are you a swimmer? A pianist? A cellist? A drummer? The opportunities are a lot broader in range than you'd think! Consider all your special talents that make you stand out, and go from there! Maybe you've got great grades, or maybe it's all of those hours you've spent volunteering at the animal shelter? When it comes to your high school transcript and your college applications, don't be afraid to brag- it's all about YOU! Flaunt those trophies, ribbons, records, hours, whatever you've got, and let that dream school of yours know that there's a new ambitious freshman-to-be on the playing field! If the army's the way you'd like to go, talk to your school counselor and your family- make sure that it's truly what you'd like to do. Attend meetings and get involved with ROTC! For now, it's best to keep all options open- go to college fairs, meetings, and higher education gatherings in your area, whether you're considering college or not. Who knows? You just might find your match!

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